Saturday, August 29, 2009

Birthday Goods

Today I received birthday presents a day early from my girlfriend and she came way proper. 1st off, I go out to my car this morning to drive to her salon to get my hair done, and there was my car with blue and black balloons tied to the mirrors, my windows decorated with cute sayings, and a BLUE ROSE, yes it was really blue and way cool, might I add. Anyhow, as she is doing my hair I got a box of goods to open. As I opened the box, the 1st thing I see made me want to scream with excitement like a little bitch, but I couldn't because I was in a salon. It was The Hundreds Post New Era hat that dropped June 18th of this year, and keep in mind only 100 were made. I'm officially a cool kid now.
The cool thing is, that wasn't the only thing in the box. I also got 3 Hundreds shirts.
2 from the fall 09 line and 1 from the summer 09 line
6 Steps T-Shirt
Kai T-Shirt (my favorite)
Adamcicle Tee from summer 09

That's still not it, crazy right?
Black Skytop Necklace, loves it.
Army Blue Skytops, Chad Muska Pro Model

And to top it off, I got a black fanny pack, look for me.

Friday, August 28, 2009

People I Love

If you can beat this, I will be your friend.

Facebook World

When I came across this video I couldn't help but think how funny it is. I could see how all the things they say in the video would cause bickering, even though it all sounds silly.

''I know you been poking her all day," haha bitches be crazy these days.


PHUCK PHUCK PHUCK. DJ AM found dead in his NY apartment around 5:20 today. Prescription pill bottles and a crack pipe were at the scene. Sheesh, what a shame. I mean, he was such a young talented guy. I feel that if you're young, rich, and famous doing drugs will eventually catch up to you. I had the honor to see DJ AM numerous times here in Santa Barbara and in LA at Banana Split Sundays. His sets were clean and he always dropped some sick mash ups. His last tweet on August 25th said, ''New York New York big city of dreams, but everything in New York ain't always what it seems." All I know is that he will be deeply missed.

Too Clean

Absolute Vodka introduced their ''No Label'' edition bottle. It is pretty darn clean and I like the simplicity of the bottle.

I want to just pretend I'm ordering water in a fancy glass, since that's what it looks like, right? Shit, I wish it was that easy but we all know water won't make someone that can't dance bust out moves on the dance floor, like they're bringing sexy back, or make someone tell all of there friends they love them oh so very much and then start crying. Word.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Name the Identifying Stereotype

What makes her a hipster?

Is it..
a) visible arm tattoos
b) cut off t-shirt
c) visible Apple store label
d) visible Hundreds label
e) dirty hair

post your answers.

Grand Opening of the Agave Inn

"Don't let me forget this word. Swanky." Swanky. If I could describe the Grand Opening of the Agave Inn Motel in one word, swanky is definetly what comes to mind.

This Sunday we attended the Grand Opening of the Agave Inn Motel, located at 3222 State Street. Rooms were opened for viewing, margheritas, horchata, and tamales were served, pinatas were swung at, and complimenting tunes were played by DJ Magneto

The simple and original atmosphere of this motel made me wish I wasn't from Santa Barbara, so that I could frequent its many different rooms. However, I think just still might make it my destination for special occasions :]

Just as we expected from our previous post, the interiors were decorated with vibrant colors, and a modern flair. Unexpectedly however, some of the rooms had interesting views, including various murals provided by

Throughout the opening, which was frequented by a crowd of lively fashionistas, I couldn't help but notice one thing. The Shoes. This place was filled with the most original and appealing shoes.

Also noticed, a large portion of the attendees were new, hip parents. I cannot help but be envious of these people for their knack for fashion and art while still dealing with the pressures of parenting. I want to be an electro-mom.

More pictures and booking information can be seen here

The Ming King

If you've hung out with Erica and I this summer, you are sure to have heard of the infamous Mongolian BBQ. What appears to be a shady shack from the outside, is actually some of the best Mongolian food we have had. What we refer to as Mongolian BBQ is actually a place called Ming Dynasty located at 290 Storke Road in Goleta. Why do we love this place? For the BBQ buffett! They carefully arrange an array of raw vegetables, meats, and sauces while you get your own bowl and layer on any and all the ingredients you like. While Erica loads her plate with meat and noodles, I like to pack in all my veggies. You can them top them with a variety of sauces including chili oil, curries, Mongolian BBQ sauce, teriyaki, garlic, pineapple juice, etc.

After you have created your bowl, you set it for the cute little man to cook for you.

After he has tended to your food, you are presented with a fresh plate of your own "chow mein"

For $7.95 for lunch from 11-4 and $12.95 for dinner, this is definetly value for your buck!

Portland, Oregon

As you may or may not have known, I just returned from a weeklong roadtrip from one of my favorite cities, Portland, Oregon. Why Portland? Portland has remained one of the most artistically centered, music oriented, and alternative cities on the Northwest. It's a cleaner, sounder San Francisco. Amazing bands such as The Shins, The Decemberists, and Elliot Smith come from this city. They even have numerous webpages devoted to their music scene

It is not uncommon to see art galleries on every block, 4 block long bookstores, an array of vintage boutiques, and an abundance of coffee shops, including their signature Stumptown Coffee. There was even a small strip on SE Stark St. that included several vegan shops including Sweet Pea Bakery, Skapegoat Tattoo, and FoodFight! Grocery.

Gluten Free Vegan Baked Goods from Sweet Pea Bakery

With all these attractions, what I most liked about Portland was the originality. It seemed as if everyone there had their own style, their own opinions, and their own personality. No one was aiming to be anyone else and no one looked or acted like the social norm. It is a city where you are free to be anything and anything really does go. If you haven't had a chance yet to visit, I suggest you do.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Maybe I will get an Iphone

I guess I now know why everyone almost has an iphone. It's because of all the crazy shit this phone can do. I can get road rage every now and then and that's when an iphone would come in handy, this application would be a way for me to release all the tension that's built up inside of me as well as the frustrations from all the lame ass drivers. Peep the video

Mini Ike Turner

Chris Brown was sentenced today to 5 years probation and 6 months community labor for the beating of his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Why he would want to hit Rihanna I don't know, he must be phucken crazy because she's sccchmoking. If he violates any terms of his sentence including an order to stay 100 yards away from Rihanna he could be sent to state prison, which I hope he does because no girl deserves to get beaten by a boyfriend/husband it's complete bullshit. I don't care if your hyna is some 200 pound beast threatening you left and right don't raise a fist. It pisses me off because men today have no problem hitting their hyna's but when it comes to a fight amongst other men they bust out bitchassness and use weapons, couldn't they just imagine it's their girlfriend and throw some blows? Men these days. As for Chris Brown you sucked at acting anyways the only reason I own your movie ''This Christmas'' is because I used to work at the wherehouse and came up on it.
What a troll

HBO struck gold?

HBO has another massive hit on their hands. True Blood had 5.3 million viewers this past Sunday tuning in to watch episode 10 ''New World in My View''. The ratings were up a full 20% from the week prior, which was 4.5 million viewers, that's still legit in my books. So for those of you that aren't on this band wagon and are looking for a good show to watch go rent season 1 and then watch season 2 online and get all caught up, because shit is getting intense and I would hate for you all to miss out on this vampy drama sitcom. For those of you considering the show just a warning season 1 has that soft porn vibe to it so don't get scared it's only HBO tv.

Rachel Crazy Zoe

Season 2 aired last night of The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo and of coarse I stayed up to watch it because I feel in love with Taylor and Brad on season 1 and the two of them are team Zoe. I would say tho Brad is my favorite of the two, homeboy gots style and I loooove how he rocks the bow ties. These two together I feel like there is never a dull moment. They have that love hate relationship which I'm sure we all know how that goes. As for Rachel Zoe, she's crazy crazy crazy but knows what she's doing so I can't hate on the lady. Some of the terminology she uses is legit I must say. The show airs Monday nights on Bravo at 10. Here's a little snippet of my favorites Brad and Taylor

This is Love

In sections of Philadelphia there are 50 painted walls throughout a designated section from famed artist Steve Powers, also known as ESPO. He's teaming up with the city for a special project entitled Love Letter. It will not only feature ESPO's work but also 40 other local international talents, each painting their own wall. This project should be finished by labor day. Why can't Santa Barbara have something like this in a certain part of town? I mean it wouldn't be anything tasteless. It would give some locals a chance to use their talents in a good way and give Santa Barbara some local personality to it's high class vibe that the city is trying or has already obtained. Give the talented a chance to shine artistically in Santa Barbara, we need a cool part of town to go to and hang out. State Street doesn't cut it.

Here are some of Steve Powers aka ESPO's walls throughout Philadelphia

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hundreds Whore

Yes I'm sure by now you can see that I'm all up on The Hundreds nut sack but only because I've been following them last 5 out of 6 years they've been around. I've seen them build this empire over the years and every year I find myself more and more in love with their clothing/accesories. They're 2009 footwear collection continues with their latest generations of their popular models the Johnson Mid-top, the Johnson Low-top and the Valenzuela Low-top. All 3 models have the most simple profile with the easiest to wear colors. They'll be available this Thursday at THLA and THSF

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I was reading on the Honeybee Store site that these are becoming iconic accessories? Haha ok ok don't get me wrong but everyone I know that sees girls wearing these automatically assume the girl is a dyke, word. I've been wearing one of these ''accessories'' for like the past 6 years or so and never once thought it would one day be an iconic accessory. Does that mean us dykes started this trend? Even tho I know you have your occasional bros wearing them but who cares, they look way cooler on dykes right? These key rings and dykes are like Ozzy Osbourne is to stuttering, they just mesh well.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Very entertaining to say the least. The beginning is kinda classic


Yes it's true I am slightly Ocd. I like shit in order it just has to be in order in order for me to know it's in order, make sense? Hah but for reals those of you that know me know I'm a neat freak. All dvds are color coordinated (well the newest ones aren't shit I'm slipping) shit's polished in my room you know like my dressers, surround sound and tv. I fold my underwear and place them in the order I want to wear them during the week save the best color for last, you get the picture of my neatness. Where I'm going with this is that this chick even tho she's hott and has cool ass kicks on I'd slap because of the mess she is laying on. I COULD NEVER live in an environment like that, it's a sad story but I'd get a phucken anxiety attack being in there. The only good thing is that she's good eye candy. Serio, being clean and organized is the way to be those of you reading this look at your rooms and if it's dirty and shit laying around everywhere, pick that shit up!
If I was ever in a Mr. T kinda mood I'd wear them

Too legit too quick

Serio what don't the hundreds do? They are now working on anther accessories project, sunglasses. Tortoise motif accented with a The Hundreds script on the sides, slap me sideways. One more thing to add to the list of things I still need to buy from them already. I should get another job to support my habit of rocking The Hundreds everywhere I go


Every gay kid in America should own a pair of these shoes, they'll make us all run faster and jump higher I promise. I'll poke faces wearing these shoes.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Agave Inn

This Sunday from 4-8 Dj Magneto will be spinning at the grand opening of Agave Inn in Santa Barbara with the sister property being The Presidio Motel right down the street. Agave Inn is located on 3222 State Street just minutes away from downtown Santa Barbara with a variety of local restaurants and bars, historical sites, Earl Warren Showgrounds and the beautiful beaches. Inside the 13 rooms at the Agave Inn the vibe is like where mexican pop meets modern by providing you with flat screen televisions, ipod decks, refrigerators, microwaves, a/c and heaters. A few of them also have full kitchens and pull out sofa beds. The Agave Inn also offers complimentary continental breakfast, free wireless internet, free parking and bicycles at their sister property, The Presidio Motel, on a 1st come 1st serve basis. If any of you ever want to stay in a funky fresh hotel in SB I would strongly advise you to stay at either The Presidio Motel or at Agave Inn, serio don't fight the funk.


Sunday, August 16, 2009


Thank god I cam across Hellz Bellz apparel for their 09 fall line ''Style Warriors", but for those of you that don't know about Hellz Bellz let me give you a rundown of who they are. Bam and Lanie Alabanza created this child in the gritty streets of New York City in 2005. The look they give across is a very sexy, strong and individual look with a touch of sassy balls to the walls approach and with all that said that's where their fall line comes in. These gals never seem to amaze me, if I rocked some high boots and shit like that I'd be a Hellz Bellz hoe fo sho. The cool thing about this line is that the color story is Aztec inspired. I picked some of the outfits that rocked my little socks off and if I had money like I did 3 months ago I'd pick one out for my girlfriend and make her wear it no questions asked even tho she has style for days, that's just how I roll.

This outfit makes me want to dress like this everyday but then I think how much I love The Hundreds and then I say umm no, but I still love it
This is just so sexy to me I want to just slap her like 5 times
This look is like a semi good girl meets a whore and I loooove it

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Miss Me

I'm signing off for now, I'm off to the north shore at Lake San Antonio tomorrow morning bishes. If you don't know it's up north in Paso Robles and if you don't know where that's at then you're a loser. Time to go shred shit up on that wakeboard and get whipped around on that inner tube like the little cool bitch I am. I'll be back on that dirty day we call Sunday. So hold on the you're nickers and who knows maybe mejustine will entertain you all while I'm gone. Be safe kids and look both ways when crossing the streets. I'm audi here..

Thizz on Your Face

Is this what kids do in the bay for reals during class? If so why can't we thizz on peoples faces and then pass that shit on down here? Instead we just have everyone cruising around in there rumflas bumping tunes down state street in beat up honda civics I guess thats as close as we'll get to thizzing down here in SB huh? But seriously tho when I look at these kids faces I feel that they have turrets.


Revolvers fall/winter 09 line is simply booty-full, nah but seriously there are a couple of pieces from the collection that I'd rock on a regular basis and they even look like some of the clothes I wear today. They've been working closely with Ed Banger's art director and renown artist So-Me. For those of you knuckle heads that don't know Revolver is a japanese streetwear brand that drops bold graphics and cut and sew apparel. This collection I like because their denim is the perfect cut and there is a good amount of graphic t-shirts for me to get me little mexicans hands on.

Some of the goodies I want to get my hands on
Has that Dia De Los Muertos vibe to it and that I gotta appreciate that
This jacket would just make me feel bad ass, I don't know why but that was the 1st thing that came to mind

I love jeans that would fit my skinny ass legs