Wednesday, June 30, 2010

LA Cupcakes

It's that time again that Johnny Cupcakes releases that limited edition tee shirt and what makes it even more limited is that it's only at one specific store and this shirt happens to be in the LA store over on 7959 Melrose Ave

I like and if you want one you better make your way down to the shop because they won't last forever.

Believe This

You know that phrase ''a picture says a million things'' well check out this picture I came across while searching the internet.

How can you not like this shit. I mean they're old, like really old and they're still guys that may still have wants and needs right? Even tho the chick they're scooping isn't that eye catching, well at least from her legs to me she's not but that's not important. These 2 old men are still living that thug life and I fucken love this shit. The end.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Fake Soccer Fever

You bet you asses I got fake soccer fever. I say this because as we know the 2010 FIFA World Cup is underway and it has me waking up early on days I would be sleeping in. I never watch soccer when it doesn't matter and could care less, but it is a dope sport don't get me wrong. On team USA I only know the names Landon Donovan and Tim Howard because I always hear their names on ESPN. I'm a fucken soccer poser, but whatever everyone else is too. I am a sports fanatic tho and the World Cup brings intense moments and I love that about it. Beer is also good to drink while watching games and dressing up like you care is also fun.

Ok just had to get that off my chest. For reals tho Bar 25 in Berlin seems and looks fucken dope. They have an area next to the bar called Johannisburg 24 and it seems like a legit spot to celebrate and watch the World Cup. Check this shit out.

The area features an arena style setup for the public to enjoy, with the capacity of up to 800! A 3x5 meter LED monitor screens the games and there is also a fucken pool site on the river where you can also watch the skateboarding community tear shit up on the skate ramp. Um hi Berlin.

Tour De Maestro London

Great one right here on Meastro's tour. In London for the final qualification of the Adi Cup tournament he takes a step back and lets the people on the streets of London speak on his behalf. Dope

Monday, June 21, 2010

Write the Future

Nike has released a new trailer from their on going collaboration with the RED foundation in support of the fight against AIDS. Check out “Write the Future – End Aids”

Friday, June 18, 2010

Twenty Ten Champs

Fucken yes bay bay! Lakers are back to back champs closing it out in game 7. Sasha making the 2 most important free throws of his career and shit. Kobe taking MVP and shit. Parade on Monday and shit and I will be there this year documenting every step I take so stay tuned. Congrats to the Lakers and crazy Ron Ron you be funny and shit.

Like every Laker fan has said and will continue to say FUCK BOSTON!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sex Life

John Wilcock is from Village Voice and Interview co-founder who assisted on some of Andy Warhol's early films, hung out at his parties and quickly became a regular at the Factory. Wilcock went into work interviewing the artist's closest associate, supporters and superstars. He assembles a prismatic portrait of one of modern art's least knowable artist during his early years of fame. The Autobiography and Sex Life is the first biography of the artist and likely the most revealing portrait of Warhol, each of its interviews offers a piece of the puzzle that was Warhol.

The book features more than 120 images (including original portraits of numerous Factory superstars by Shunk-Kender) plus illustrations and film stills, including many never seen before. The book will be available June 24th through the Gagosian Gallery in NYC. If I was anywhere near NYC I'd for sure wait in line for this fine piece of material.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tour De Maestro Berlin

Here is Maestro's most recent video from Berlin as he embarks on his tour. Love it and check out his other videos at

Some Kicks

What does Nike have on this shoe? Nah I kid but for reals oldest shoe found in a cave in Armenia. Radio carbon dating places it 5500 years back which is pretty gnarly because that preceeds the Great Pyramid by 1000 years. Some scientists discovered it in this huge cave where they also discovered several treasures from the Cooper Age, when humans were believed to have invented the wheel, domesticated horses, etc. They say the shoe was in impeccable condition because of the caves climate, which was dry and cool. On a funnier note the secret ingredient in the preservation was SHEEP SHIT. The caves floor was completely covered in a thick layer of the manure which sealed out the outside disturbance and shit like that. This shoe would look great with a pair of skinny jeans it also kinda looks like a shoe Toms Shoes would make.

Typical Sunday

Yesterday we had my brother Mikey's high school graduation bbq at the house with some of his good friends and the fam bam. Ok ok let me just tell you that my brother's friends are some of the funniest and nerdiest kids that you'll ever meet and what makes it better is that they know how nerdy they are and they love it!

Throughout the whole bbq they were playing that card game Magic. You know elves, castles, dwarfs, soldiers and whatever other fantasy thing that is out there. I wanted to understand these kids and hang out with them and just see how they do things while playing this game. I was surprised to see that not once did they say any bad words even when they lost, they kept it classy. Me on the other hand I have the mouth of a drunken sailor and drop the F bombs just like Biden. I tried my hardest to understand the game but I will NEVER get the fucken game because one of the girls told me it takes ''brains'' I felt like she was punking me and shit but I think she was mad because I wasn't paying attention to her and I don't think she got any of my jokes so maybe she thought I was really making fun of them, me make fun of someone pssshhh never.

Sasha ohhh Sasha out of all my brother's friends she stuck out the most to me. This girl has potential to be like the god father of all nerds and I mean that in a sincere way. She loves being nerdy and she talks nerdy. I fucken love her like she could be that other little sister I never wanted. I want to take her under my wings and show her things like Paul Rudd did on the movie Role Models with his castle lover of a little adopted brother. I now call her Sasha Fierce. Here's a little clip of her and I forget the guys name of them in their own world discussing their strategies and game plans while playing Magic.

Another Field Trip to LA

This past Saturday me, my girlfriend and 6 other friends headed down to Dodger Stadium to see them lose against the Angels, it was picture perfect in that sarcastic smart ass kind of way. It was a night game and to me those are the best because it doesn't smell like B.O and shit and your makeup isn't all runny from the sweat running down your face which will then fuck up your A game, if you got any.

Of course tall cans were consumed on the way down there, showing up with a good buzz is the only way to do it if you're balling on a budget. Since we all arrive with full bladders the bathroom was our 1st stop and since our seats were in the Left Field Pavilion there is ONLY 1 bathroom for all us fans which sucks, a lot. It never fails that the ladies bathroom line was around the corner and no line for the men. Balls man fucken balls.

After almost peeing in my pants twice that mission was finally accomplished and we headed over to the beer and food area to stock up on burrrs and some Dodger Dogs. Finally getting to the bleachers, our seats were 6th row from the fence so we had a legit view and I was even seated next to a crack head that could of passed for a white Ezel from the movie Friday. I tell no lies.

The outfield is the place to be if you like obnoxiously loud fans yelling funny and lame shit out throughout the whole game. We got to see 8 people get kicked and 2 being Angel fans. Good cheap entertainment.

Me and the boo

Greg and Reena Pants

Sara and Jeffrey aka Tits McGee

Kelli KahPOWskii and Devyn Mckay

It was a good clean fun baseball game on our parts except for the next day I think I shitted out the Dodger Dog throughout the day, shit was weak sauce. Fun friends, laughs and good buzzes kept the night flowing like Jameson. More then likely I would do this again but fuck the tall cans on the way down there I'd pound a 40 oz. next time. Thug Wife

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cupcaking It

This is great this is really fucken great because Johnny Cupcakes released a batch of 5 new tee's last Friday at all his stores including his store in LA on Melrose along with his online store
If you're a fellow follower/fan of Johnny Cupcakes I'm sure you already knew these tee's were out and probably bought all of them or at least 1 of them. If you didn't know well now you know. They're all fucken dope but I will share with you all which 1 is my top favorite and go down from there.

Annnnd also heads up to all you Johnny Cupcake fans August 1st will be the day they celebrate the 2 year anniversary of his store on Melrose in LA

and you know he always goes big with his events so keep that day open and get there early..

Barbi Twins

Yeeee buddy this week The Hundreds will release their newest tee.

They have teamed up with the 90's hottest pin-ups, The Barbi Twins. The tee comes in 2 colourways and will be release Thursday both at THLA and THSF and in about a week will hit their online store

Sexy Mess

So for those of you that actually read my blog would remember me talking about Theophilus London an up and coming hip hop artist from Brooklyn. He recently released his mix tape ''I Want You'' and shit is legit. It's booty pinching good and slap face worthy. Anyhow he just released his music video for the track ''I Want You'' off his mixtape and he's bringing sleazy back. It's raw and accompanies his Marvin Gaye sample. The video was inspired by the 60's expermiental French New Wave Film. Check it out and if you want to find out more on Theophilus London or download his mixtape check out his site

Friday, June 4, 2010

It's Friday Ya'll

So I should of posted this earlier in the day for shits and giggles but I was out making that cash money. But serio enjoy this video. Laugh, talk shit about me on how dumb I am for doing or just don't watch it I could careless. Cheers

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Yeeeee! The Cool Kids have dropped their latest mixtape ''Tacklebox''.

I think it's as fresh as ever and if you're a fan of The Cool Kids then cop their mixtape here This tape will have you bobbing and weaving. Smacking faces and pinching butts. Trust

A Game and Shit

So last night me and Justine headed down to LA to watch the Dodgers take on that racist state Arizona's baseball team the Diamondbacks on. My fake old make believe brother handed some tickets to me and I accepted them, decent seats.

It was a pretty boring game it was like bottom of the 6th with I think it was Dodgers 7 hits and Diamondbacks with 2 so yeah. We were around a lot of obnoxious guys yelling and spilling beer and I felt at home. The beers were fucken expensive as shit but I was thirsty so yeah do the math if you want.

We even took one of those cheesy pictures.