Monday, March 19, 2012

The Knife - Heartbeats

I love when music gives me a lady boner. The Knife is oh so magical.

Kony Poop

I don't even want to get into this whole Kony bullshit. Shit is hella weak and it's a fucken scam. Educate yourselves on this issue and don't post links about it because it's the ''trendy'' issue right now.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012

Pointer Sisters - Automatic

Fux wid it. This is the jam. Like I mean it really is. Man I could go on and on when it comes to how music used to have so much meaning to it. Nowadays the shit they play on the radio is fucken horse crap. Fuck that noise.

Since I mention how music back in the days had so much more meaning to it, listen to this Isley Brothers jam. You're welcome.

Dumbest Shit Ever

This skateboard has got to be the dumbest idea ever created. Made from aluminum and it folds?!? Like what the fuck. No one better buy this shit. If you're a savage skater BRO you will not consume such a thing.

Everlasting Gaze

Julien Pacaud does such dope art and illustration. Gah, lady boner.

Shop Life

Put that in yo pipe and smoke it. Come get laced up in that local gear.

Loooook at me and Aaron aka Harvey Leche lurkin' shit up.

Soul Sisters

When these 4 ladies were in the music game all was well. I mean that music scene was fun. So much freshness coming out of it. Those 4 held it down. RIP Aaliyah


You member when DMX was hot like Mexico? Hot as in people bought his albums. A couple of his songs take me down memory lane in high school. Oh Lompoc High.

Wake Up!

Imma do this to my kid. Well maybe.