Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Grand Opening of the Agave Inn

"Don't let me forget this word. Swanky." Swanky. If I could describe the Grand Opening of the Agave Inn Motel in one word, swanky is definetly what comes to mind.

This Sunday we attended the Grand Opening of the Agave Inn Motel, located at 3222 State Street. Rooms were opened for viewing, margheritas, horchata, and tamales were served, pinatas were swung at, and complimenting tunes were played by DJ Magneto

The simple and original atmosphere of this motel made me wish I wasn't from Santa Barbara, so that I could frequent its many different rooms. However, I think just still might make it my destination for special occasions :]

Just as we expected from our previous post, the interiors were decorated with vibrant colors, and a modern flair. Unexpectedly however, some of the rooms had interesting views, including various murals provided by

Throughout the opening, which was frequented by a crowd of lively fashionistas, I couldn't help but notice one thing. The Shoes. This place was filled with the most original and appealing shoes.

Also noticed, a large portion of the attendees were new, hip parents. I cannot help but be envious of these people for their knack for fashion and art while still dealing with the pressures of parenting. I want to be an electro-mom.

More pictures and booking information can be seen here

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  1. this was a fun time. you are a good blogger. 2 thumbs up.