Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Time

Yeah that's right mother fuckers I said it's fall time. Well for the most part it is, if only we could have fall like weather because this dyke wants to start wearing flannels already. Anyhow since it's Halloween tomorrow this past weekend me and my hyna hit up the pumpkin patch and had a grand time. I think we were some of the only 1's who went to the pumpkin patch and left with no pumpkins, fuck pumpkins.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


The time has come for a music video for the song "Wicked Games." Um lady boner.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I kicked it with some homies on Sunday. It was fucken delightful because being able to kick it at bars and not drink is theeee absolute best. You have fun, don't spend money and you leave remembering EVERYTHING you did. Anyhow faces were slapped and streets were painted gold.

Home Girl and Poop Head. Read it ese.

Our home boy D. Hood was in town for the evening. Goonies.

Saturday Nights

Me and the homies have ice cream, well actually this time it was gelato. You know all fancy and shit. 


Lady Boner Fer Dayz

Last Tuesday I went to go see Tegan and Sara / The Black Keys with my hyna and two homegirls at the Santa Barbara bowl.

 Ummmm can I tell you that Tegan and Sara were fucken amazing, as always.

They played two of their news songs and they were a straight up dance party, shit be kreay. Now The Black Keys were fucken legit as well. They put on such a rad show, bonkers. We had lady boners for days. Straight up Paula Abdul status.