Saturday, August 29, 2009

Birthday Goods

Today I received birthday presents a day early from my girlfriend and she came way proper. 1st off, I go out to my car this morning to drive to her salon to get my hair done, and there was my car with blue and black balloons tied to the mirrors, my windows decorated with cute sayings, and a BLUE ROSE, yes it was really blue and way cool, might I add. Anyhow, as she is doing my hair I got a box of goods to open. As I opened the box, the 1st thing I see made me want to scream with excitement like a little bitch, but I couldn't because I was in a salon. It was The Hundreds Post New Era hat that dropped June 18th of this year, and keep in mind only 100 were made. I'm officially a cool kid now.
The cool thing is, that wasn't the only thing in the box. I also got 3 Hundreds shirts.
2 from the fall 09 line and 1 from the summer 09 line
6 Steps T-Shirt
Kai T-Shirt (my favorite)
Adamcicle Tee from summer 09

That's still not it, crazy right?
Black Skytop Necklace, loves it.
Army Blue Skytops, Chad Muska Pro Model

And to top it off, I got a black fanny pack, look for me.

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