Monday, May 31, 2010

A Purchase

So I've been treating myself with goodies such as snapbacks, kicks and just today I purchased myself a Johnny Cupcakes shirt just in time for the Dodger/Angel game next Saturday

pinche Los Doyers! I love this shirt because it doesn't say Dodgers on it but still screams Dodgers. I don't really like wearing my teams tees because I feel like a piece of shit, I'll only rock Raider jerseys. Hats are ok but out of the 15 hats I own 2 are sporting teams. I'm fucken weird like that I know.

Boobs and Shit

You love boobs right? Well I hope you do because this photograph is fucken amazing and funny all in one. Wait never mind it actually kinda grosses me out because these boobs are almost as big as my head and that's just not cool.

The creative side of this photograph tickles my fancy because really who does this? If you know someone then please let me know because I'd love to shake her hand personally.


So I feel bad for Steve Nash because he's like the only player to play in like 116 games and never making it to a final, sad right? Well it's fucken pathetic.

Maybe next year? Nah probably not because I know. I'll tell you this for being so ugly he probably still fucks hot chicks because that's just how it goes. I'm only jealous in that department

Tour De Maestro NYC

Levi Maestro is all up in New York City with a list of stops that include Complex Magazine headquarters, a preview of the Three Days in Paris photo exhibition at Milk Studios by Philip Andelman and finally recap of the New York City leg of adiCup 2010.

The Booze Not the Boat

For Memorial Day my brother and myself hosted our annual booze cruise which marks the 3rd year anniversary of it and once again it was a success. We maxed out at capacity which was 145 and the weather was nothing but deliciousness. This cruise my homie DJ Curly

was up on the audio and killed it. Dropping some old school beats and that booty shaking shit. We kicked off summer the right way and we had a good diverse group of people you know the gangstas, gays, hipsters, jocks you name it we had them all aboard.

Santa Barbara was picture perfect and so was my buzz.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Johnny Cupcakes and Dave Quiggle, Illustrator and Tattoo Artist from Southern California have teamed up and released 2 legit tee's. Dave Quiggle has that traditional flair for tatooing and that has made him a big asset in the underground art world and hardcore music scene.

These 2 shirts are available at Johnny Cupcakes online store


What is this world coming to when you see a picture like this?

Do you think he just go too excited at the concert he was at? Or is this a new trend? Like an alternative new trend, I want to fucken know like now. I thought I was the only one who peed in their pants. Does this mean I'm an alt bro?


He has arrived in New York. He dropped a pretty dope stencil in SOHO called ''Will Work for Idiots'' it's pretty self explanatory. I fucken love it! I want one that says "I have worked for that Idiot''

Video of the week

Everything about this video is legit. It's funny short and simple. One of a kind right here kids. What do you say? You know you love the nipple shot at the end..

The Hundreds 2010 Summer Collection

Alright so I've been behind on posting shit because my fucken charger to my MAC somehow broke and yeah shit sucks but whatever I'll get one when I feel like dropping $80 on something that will break again.

Well those of you that follow The Hundreds you know that their Summer line dropped last Thursday at THLA and THSF and Monday the collection dropped online. Of course I'm going to say I like what I see because like you know I'm a Hundreds whore but seriously there's some dope shit. Not a big fan of the New Era's but the snapbacks are delicious. Here's what I'm feeling and I got a job NOW so I'll be rocking soon.

Baller Tank

Teeth Tee

Crow Tee

Team 2 Snapback

Sideline Socks

Thursday, May 6, 2010


This past Wednesday a new local diner opened up on 413 State Street that goes by the name of ''Billies''. It's the brother store to Whiskey Richards a bar located on the same block. This place is like a fresh breath of air. It's hip, rad and serves home cooked reasonably cheap goooood food. I am one of many that work there and the staff already has that family vibe to it. We are either all friends or friends of friends that work there, it's great. Breakfast is served ALL day and it's opened from 10am-3am. A great after bar place to get your grub on at. The food is amazing. Tomorrow is the grand opening

If you're near or in the area come on down and eat lots of food and tip well..


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you look at this picture? Oh and I swear I'm not a perv

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Of coarse with the passing of Alexander McQueen a huge part was lost in the fashion world and a talented one at that. Visionaire has presented their 1st trailer previewing their 58th issue entitled ''Spirit''. The issue is a tribute to thee fashion designer Alexander McQueen. Release date is scheduled for June 2010. Contributing artist include Lady Gage, Mario Sorrenti, Steven Meisel, David Sims, Mario Testino, Sean Ellis, Nick Knight, Sebastina Faena and others. Check the trailer below.


So I'm sure those of you that were watching the Laker/Jazz game last night you saw Jack Nicholson's son court side sporting the Adam Bomb.

Cool shout out with out even saying anything.


Young Democrat signed to Obama Records/White House Entertainment. He does a sit down interview and this shit is hilarious. Check it.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


These shoes are delicious. Steve Aoki's signature shoe seems to have been redesigned from the original. I like how they went with a taller cuff, makes me feel like a cooler hipster I guess you could say. Out of the 3 color ways which are White, Black and Acid Wash Denim, guess which 1 is my favorite? Duh really since I'm a residential hipster of coarse it's the Acid Wash Denim.

If you like what you see then stop by CRSVR they carry these in their shop along with a bunch of other legit kicks. They are located at

632 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 962-2400

Or visit their online store


Good ol Diamond Supply coming through with their 2010 fall line for their legit tee's. I pretty much like all of them but If I had to choose 6 tee's these would be the 1's I'd stand by and purchase.

American Made

Brandon Biebel Signature Hardware Tee

Mike Carroll Signature Hardware Tee

Paul Rodriguez Signature Hardware Tee

Torey Pudwill Signature Hardware Tee

Diamante Por Vida Tee


Only gay boys would make a video and talk with such attitude on things they don't like. It's comical tho not going to lie. Everybody needs a bitchy gay boy around. So go out and find one or purchase one, hurry!


So a couple of weeks ago Benny Gold opened up his 1st store in San Francisco on 3171 21st Street. A legit space that serves as his store as well as his graphic design studio upstairs. I love Benny Gold's designs because they're simple. Nothing too flashy. He's best known for his work with Huf and Mash and continues to contribute to them on a regular basis along side of having his own signature clothing label. If you're not familiar with him check out his blog and store and fall in love with it.

Some pics of his shop so you can see what he's created in the last couple of months since he used to work out of his own home. Had to move on to bigger and better things.


After the beach we hit up the Boat House. This golden local spot in my neighborhood up on the Mesa. Nestled down at Hendry's Beach this is going to be a great spot for the summer time. It's literally on the beach with amazing views. You can also take your drinks to go and they put them in cups and you can drink on the beach (only on the right side tho). Great food and drinks. The drinks are amazingly strong and they have a beer on tap that goes by the name of ''Sunshine'' and it's gooooood.

I've been hitting this spot up a lot lately since our weather has been delicious then of coarse head over to my other home Mesa Cafe. If you're looking for a new spot or want to change up the scenery stop by the Boat House and tip the bartenders nicely especially Johnny.

Boathouse at Hendry's Beach
2981 Cliff Drive
Santa Barbara, CA 93109
805 898 2628


Yesterday was a purrday day out in Santa Barbara. So me and Justine decided to head out to Butterfly Beach. We headed out with a little cooler full of veggies and of coarse a tall can of some PBR and some other burrrrs. It pretty much was a picture perfect day.

Butterfly is 1 of my favorite beaches, it's super clean and I swore I saw a clan of 5 older ladies walking the beach that looked like your typical ''Real Housewives of Santa Barbara.'' So you'll also see some cheap entertainment while there as well.

Sup kiddos

The only shot I could get of Justine. Toes are nice right


April 21st was a day to remember at my house. Our big ass pine tree that my grandpa planted 38 years ago went timmmmber! Shit was hella loud. The good thing is, is that in the process of the tree falling nothing was damaged just our fence which is replaceable. If it would have gone the other direction it would have fallen on our house. This tree had some history behind it. It was ugly and big as fuck and everyone hated it but my grandpa. The tree was his bread and butter, it's what made the front yard I guess you could say. Everyone in the family has been trying to convince him for years to cut it down but he wasn't having it. The funny/weird thing about it falling tho was that my grandpa was the only 1 outside when it fell and he was literally standing next the it and saw it happen. He planted it and literally saw it rise and fall. Here are some pics taken.

Took over the whole street so cars were not able to use this street for about 2 hours

Gnarly ass roots kids

A sad day on Linda and Murrell Street for some

The man that planted the beastly tree


Last Thursday The Hundreds dropped another set of limited edition RWSD and POST hats.

Batter up! I love the style of these 2. I got the last RSWD hat with the color way being I'm assuming off the La Clippers. It's pretty dope I'm the only 1 in SB with it and that's how I prefer it. This time around I will be the only 1 in SB rocking the POST hat thanks to a homie up in San Fran.


Alright I've been MIA from my blog for a bit but let me tell you a little something something. I've been keeping tabs on a legit musician from Brooklyn and he goes by the name of Theophilus London. This guy is fresh to death with swagger for days. His lyrics are smooth and it's something you could chill to and sip on a 40 oz and be like ''hell yeah'' head nodding and all that jazz. Anyhow he came out with his 1st mix tape titled ''I Want You" hosted by Va$htie It's pretty fucken amazing. If you're looking for some new tunes I highly suggest checking this kid out. Here is my favorite song from the mix tape "Souls of Fire''

Check out his blog to download the mixtape