Tuesday, September 25, 2012


This muh fucker got himself an Apple. All 50 cent pumped up.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Shits Got Pop

Last night the owner of the shop/Shorty's threw his first art show. Shit was hella sick. He transformed downstairs into a legit art gallery. Also there was a mural painted on the back of our building done by Mr. Dave Flores. Hella talented guys. Shit was such a rad time. Kicking it with homies while a DJ bumped those sophisticated tunes is what I got to call working last night. Yeeee!

Let the royal rumpus begin. RIP Maurice Sendak. Roll forever

Slurp it

Want it

Touch it

Love it

Some art show hoes

Guerilla Jam

Last Saturday at the the shop we had our skate jam/going away party for Aaron who is leaving us to live in Thailand. Yes it's that real. The turnout was hella sick annnnd we had a hot wing eating contest. Killer Bee's came through and hooked us up with free wings. Homies were coming and going throughout the day and we handed free shit out to kids. How dope right? The shop is gonna miss Aaron aka Harvey Leche so much but he has prostitutes in Thailand to handle.

Benji getting that air up there.

A reason why Jon won

So hyped

A pizza and sundae bar on a Saturday. All excited.

Prepping for wing eating contest

Lil gremlins ready to go

Jared getting 50 cent pumped up

9 wings in 2 minutes and a case of mudbutt

Harvey Leche

Church familia


My two favorite home boys. Meetch and Aaron. Another day at work.

Same day. Same stoop. We steady mobbin'

Aye Like Yo

Damn puppy dawg's I've been hella living my life and like hella working, spending a lot of time at the skateshop cause it's the kick it spot with the homies. Shit's been fun. I'm sure you could care less but that's why I haven't been glued to my computer. So much juicy shit to share with you. Like fer reals. Trill recognize trill. Sit tight this muh fucken messsicun is back!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What In The Fuck

The Smiths

You have to like The Smiths because I said so. I mean who doesn't know about The Smiths? Too many good songs came from this band and Morrissey is fucken amazing. Lady boner for days.

Beds R Us

Ummm are you my mommy? I need a nipple for some breast feeding.


These guys. Oh these guys are fucken straight O.G. and made some nutty ass hip hop. Eazy E was fucken dope. Their attire and lyrics were hard as fuck.

One of the jams


That's gonna be next week. Mommy I'm getting my thigh blasted with a sailor ship. Americana style. Maybe I'll wear a dress like the hyna in the picture, all proper.


Stay wavy puppy dawg.