Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lake San Antonio

Every August we the Georges peeps have been heading up to Lake San Antonio for like 17 years or more I have no idea I just know I've been going since I could remember as a kid. This past trip was a fucken blast like always. Good peeps, good vibes and lots of beers. We camp on the North Shore which is basically camping on the shore of the the lake, it's dope. It's 4 days 3 nights of absolute relaxation and shenanigans. We all come back darker with fucked up dirty

Bro and pops

Ebomb and the cuzzo Mallory aka Stitch

The little sister Lili who was trooper of the year having knee surgery 6 days before we left

Another sister of mine and her daughter Sheyenee. Photo of the year

Beer pong was played along with a new game my friend brought and he named it himself which was ''mexican bean bag toss'' don't ask me anything about that shit all I know is that the game was fun. Wakeboards were being handled along with us being whipped off innertubes and boat rides bumping some good tunes. I look forward to this vacation every year and this was another successful trip to be put down in the record books. Until next time.


Sex Much

I'm not a perv I swear I just like to pretend I am and make people feel awkward but this picture is pure fucken sex!

Tell your daughters and wives to hide.

Diamond Supply

A new batch of tees have been released yesterday by Diamond Supply. I like almost all of them and the colourways. Definitely gotta get my little mexicans hands on some of them. I always dig the new shit Diamond Supply always pushes out and so should you but well maybe not. Check them. You can find them now at Encino-based retailer, Primitive primitiveshoes.com

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Full Metal Jacket

Holy fuck I think this is one of the best inventions when it comes to beer and where you can store it.

Tomorrow my family, friends and myself are headed up to Lake San Antonio for 4 days 3 nights for fun in the sun and pure debauchery and this shit would come in handy when we're chillen in the lake by our boats bumping tunes on the sound systems hooked up to the boats. Fuck ice chests. I wonder if it would even come in handy as a life jacket? Haha I don't give a fuck if that was a dumb fucken question I can dream right? Any how I need to find one of these by 5:00 pm today. Word

No Words

Well I seem to have words for almost everything I come across whether it be something good to say or bad but this picture I came across makes me fucken speechless for once I mean. Um hi.

Maybe I now wish my girlfriend wore Diesel jeans? Hmmmm but then again I don't need no brand of jeans to allow me to do that shit. So yeah fuck it I don't wish she wore Diesel Jeans.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Hundreds 2010 Fall

Last Thursday their fall collection dropped at THLA and THSF and just dropped online yesterday. There's a couple things I'm feeling and will buy in a day or two. Unfortunately they don't have their new eras out yeat but have a couple dope snapbacks. Here's a couple of things that caught my attention and I'll be rocking soon.

Johnny Crewneck

Ship Tee

Simple Adam Tee

United Tee

Team Snapback

Brutus Bi-Fold

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Wedding

The whole reason why we went to San Fran was because our good friend Jenna and Dan were finally tying the knot. For those of you that have never been to Walnut Creek there is 1 word that comes to mind when I think back of that place and it's Pleasantville. Everyone is so nice there it's kind of creepy but a little refreshing at the same time. Another good thing about Walnut Creek is that the weather is actually nice unlike San Fran. We headed over to the wedding around 4:15 and got there just in time to sit in the hot ass sun and wait for 4:30 to come around. I kid you not but this wedding was exactly 15 minutes long. Never have I been to such a short wedding but then again it wasn't a mexican wedding it was a white wedding and I loved it. Short, sweet and simple.

After the wedding they had cocktail hour and it was open bar. It was a power hour for us to be starred at because we all did not look like any of the people there. It was a fun time. Jenna's boss came up to us and said ''you must be the 1's from Santa Barbara'' which was kind of funny because what if we weren't? They were saying we were fashionable and just stood out hah I just let them keep talking.

The actual reception was fun. The food was fucken delicious and the alcohol continued to be free until the end of the night. The 1st wedding I've been to where they had karaoke! People had fun with that if you could imagine once the alcohol started flowing like water. I must say I feel weird and bad for saying this but the highlight of the night was when Gabby spilt her red wine on Jenna's dress, umm yes that would be the bride. Good thing that Jenna is one of the nicest people you'll ever encounter so she said she didn't care but who knows. All in all this trip was great. I loved Walnut Creek and San Fran.

San Fran Part II

Of course walking all day around a town you're not familiar with and shopping we get thirsty right? Well I do and so since we were still in the Mission District we headed over to the Lexington which was a fucken rad dyke dive bar.

Typical dive bar that had 1 pool table in it, looked dirty, a fucken disgusting bathroom and cool things on the walls. It was a place I could for sure see myself going to more than once. We stayed there for a round of drinks and headed 2 blocks down over to the Beauty Bar

Now this place was a little more up our alley because there were more hipsters there for me and Justine to feel really at home. There was your typical pretentious bartender there who kept looking at himself in the mirror but other then that we had a dope ass time there. The DJ was playing fucken amazing music that made me want to dance the night away.

The boo and I

See I told you

Veronica being a motha fucken lady and shit

Some Gabby and Marissa action

We all left there feeling pretty good and we were now on our way over to the Infinite Shop on Hyde Street. We were going to meet up with our friend Dorian for The Fun Of It summer release party

It was fucken dope. The shop was tiny and packed but good tunes were being played and free beer was being passed out. Cool group of kids that were there and everyone was nice. Some of the brands Infinite carries are Acapulco Gold, Flying Coffin and Mishka infinitesf.wordpress.com. This stop was probably the most fun we had all night because we were actually kicking it not being tourists. An hour after us getting there of course the cops came by and tried to break it up and they did a pretty good job of it. So we headed over to the Castle a block away and continued the party there and around 12:30 am took the bart back on over to Walnut Creek and passed the fuck out.

San Fran Part I

For those of you that even read my blog I guess you would of known I went to San Fran over this weekend, if you didn't well now you know. I finally popped that cherry that had been dying to get popped and it felt good and was fun as fuck popping it. Justine, Gabby, Marissa and myself set out early Friday morning at 5:30 am and arrived in Walnut Creek around 11. Checked into our hotel, got ready and headed out towards the bart. Now keep this in mind the whole time I thought the bart was a fucken boat and when I saw a train I was let down. No bueno. We got into the city around 1 and spent the whole day there till 12:30 am.

We hit up fisherman's wharf and ate lunch there, which was pretty cool. After that we walked over to Little Italy and China Town and to me I think it's pretty cool how there are different parts of the city that focuses on 1 culture because I'm sure there are tons of dope spots to eat at. Some art work that we saw on our way to Little Italy

China Town was pretty cool. A bunch of random ass shops that seemed to carry all of the same shit but what do I know.

Yup you better believe we took those annoying tourists pictures. Tons of people on that narrow ass street but we finally made it out and we headed towards downtown. Dope shops along the way that make me wish SB was SF because SB needs help in that department. Downtown was very cool. I enjoyed it. After stores were looked at we all headed over to the Mission District. Fuck yeah this was the part of SF I wanted to see. As we got off the bart and started to walk down the street if fucken reminded me of mini TJ, kinda sketchy but I guess we were in the not so cool part of the district. Anyhow our 1st stop was Benny Gold's shop over on 21st Street bennygold.com

Gabriel who was working that day was super dope. We chatted it up for a bit and the shirt he had on I've been wanting so once I asked him if he had anymore of the Doughboy shirts I think he was impressed because I don't think he thought I was that much of a follower of Benny Gold. I ended up buying a snap back and a tee and motha fucken Gabriel threw in a extra tee from last season, t'was a nice surprise.