Sunday, January 30, 2011


Peep this video out on Revok as he speaks on his earliest memories of writing, finding ways to keep spray paint stocked, the reason Seventh Letter exists and how he feels the culture he literally risks his freedom for is being exploited by brands and companies. Dope shit.

EIKNARF Presents: "Revok: On The Run" from EIKNARF on Vimeo.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011


She's a rad chick. Peep her music if you have not for some odd reason. This is her newest song, ''I Follow Rivers'' which comes out February 28th globally.

This Chick

I wonder if she goes by the name of Watermelondrea, you gotta say that shit in your most ghetto tone tho, like some hood shit.

Dig It

I came across this picture on this thing we call the internet and I'm totally in love with it

It's funny that I'm instantly in love with this picture when that's what the picture says. Funny? If you don't think so then fuck off, I think it's funny.

A Bicycle

Peep this shit out.

Mishka's latest collaboration is with Milwaukee Bicycle Co. on a Bruiser for D.A.R.T, Mishka's cycling centric line. This bike is pretty fucken dope. Digging the colors. Into it

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sexy or Not Sexy

I say this shit be sexy as fuck bruh

I'm a sucker for a cute girl dressed in all black, especially one that's wearing a gas mask. Shit be hot like Mexico. I'm so gay

Friday, January 21, 2011

Shit Be Hot

Lady Gaga made an exclusive remix for Mugler creative director Nicola Formichetti's first menswear show, which took place in Paris last Wednesday. She made the remix for him as a thank you basically since he's her personal stylist and shit. Shit be kinda rad not gonna lie.

SB Dunk

These kicks are delicious

and they be out in the Spring. Get yo mitts ready!!

A Dope Mix

This is a bbq and 40 oz type of mix. Straight up kicking it in a park and shit. Enjoy it

Outstanding: Charlie Wilson & The Gap Band's Hip Hop Legacy by edubdigital

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This Kid

A-Trak is fucken dope. Talented ass dope DJ. Check out this video on his studio and all the gadgets his uses. Rad bruh

Studio Tour: A-Trak - Scion Music(less) Music Conference from Scion A/V on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Bitch

Look at this muh fucken bitch looking at all the other bitches booty holes

The look on the bitches face is like the look I have on mine when I get caught, is that weird? Maybe I'll change my mind and like some dogs.

Thee Mike Giant

Approximately a month ago, Mike Giant exhibited several new bodies of work at the Guerrero Gallery in San Francisco. In this video he recaps some of the work he’s showcased and created, which include some of his signature drawings alongside some lesser seen collage work. Get into his shit bruh.

Mike Giant GUERRERO GALLERY from Jan Wayne Swayze on Vimeo.

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Skull

So some guy made a fucken skull out of french fries from McDonalds.

That shit is pretty ill nah nah, I mean I wonder what gave him that idea. ''Hmm lets just make a fucken skull right now outta my hard as fuck french fries from McDonalds'' man I totally am not hating because this shit is creative as fuck. Round of applause hombre.

Holy Fuck Face

One of the greatest surrealist painters of any generation, Salvador Dali's efforts were recently commemorated in the opening of an museum in his honor. This museum is fucken wicked rad. It's located in St. Petersburg, Florida and is 68,000 square foot space which I guess is the largest collection of the painter's work. The architectural design of the space is dope. The design is made up of two juxtaposing elements, a ''treasure box'' made of unfinished concrete with a glass atrium that allows natural light in. Just check these pictures out. Amaze balls.

Busy P

This winter Busy P and DJ Mehdi gathered their muh fucken favorite newcomers, added a couple of old timers, mixed them together and cooked thee best holiday electronic dish. Sounds delish right? A new compilation of all fresh and unreleased music, down and up tempo so you can slap faces and pinch those bootys, get crazy.

Featured new songs by SIRIUSMO, BRODINSKI & TONY SENGHORE, SKREAM, FLYING LOTUS, GESAFFELSTEIN, PARA ONE & TACTEEL, ZOMBIE NATION, L-VIS 1990, DUKE DUMONT, DJEDJOTRONIC, DISCODEINE, MATTIE SAFER, BOBMO, RITON and of course lots of Ed Rec’s flavas from Mr OIZO, BUSY P, DJ MEHDI, SEBASTIAN, BREAKBOT, FEADZ and CASSIUS! Are you wet yet? Let the Children Techno will be available on Feb. 14 through Ed Banger Records.

Here's a little taste of the radness.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dolla Bill Ya'll

Dollar bills are cool because you can pass them out to strippers and not feel like a cheap ass because that's pretty much all they get unless you're just dumb as fuck and slip them bigger bills. You can also do tons of things with dollar bills check this shit out.

The cool thing is that my name is Erica. Get some.

Girls can't get boners (thank god) but I'm sure they're no joke especially when you're carelessly putting them in strippers panties.

Trust Your Gun

You'd think a damaged Warhol would cost LESS than one in pristine condition right? Well muh fucken Dennis Hopper changed that shit when he decided to trust himself with his trusty handgun. I guess the painting went up for auction this week in New York with an estimate of $20,000-$30,000. It sold for ten times that amount, fucken $302,000. Dennis Hopper came home one night all pissed off and thought that Chariman Mao was in the room, so pointing the gun towards the painting he left a couple of rounds. Weird shit right?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kid Sister

Yeahhhyeerrrr Kid Sister's Kiss Kiss Kiss mixtape is here for download. Jams abound and shit like that, including the trunk bumpin Gucci Mane collab ''Gucci Rag Top,'' a crazy ''Work Them" freestyle, collabs, remixes and more children of the corn. Nick Catchdubs on the DJ mixin duties. Shake and pop this shit out!! Click the link to download mixtape

Work It Out

Just watch this video and laugh and dance your funk out. It's actually a rad video and some of the people are fucken funny, especially the guy carrying the goat. My muh fucken idol.

MIRACLES CLUB - "CHURCH SONG" from Mexican Summer on Vimeo.


Produced by the incomparable Aesop Rock, here is a first look at Murs’ upcoming project Varsity Blues 2. The song proves to be one of his hardest hitting records as of late, with fierce lyrical content aimed towards the doubters and non-believers. This album serves as the sequel EP to his previous Varsity Blues project that dropped back in 2002. If you don't think this shit is ill get the fuck outta here and go by yourself a Happy Meal.

Murs – Varsity Blues 2 (Produced by Aesop Rock) by Hypetrak

Throw it up

Raekwon Da Chef had a triumphant return to mainstream hip-hop in 2009. His modern classic, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II was both a commercial and critical success. An eventful 2010 saw the formation of a super group, where Wu brothers Method Man and Ghostface Killah joined Raekwon and released the Wu-Massacre album. In addition, Raekwon was featured on various albums and projects, working with the likes of Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Oh-No & Alchemist and Ghostface Killah. It looks like Rae wants to put his stamp on 2011, and this new track entitled “Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang” is the first track of the LP scheduled for March 2011. Get crazy bithces

Raekwon - Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang by Hypetrak

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Me and My Right Handed Man

Yesterday I got some finger tats

My home boy Jared kicked it with me in the 805 tattoo shop as my homie Chad did his thang. Get ODB CRAZY! I was completely sober too just incase you were wondering, I get crazy like that. After that me and Jared went back to his spot and started popping 40's like it was 1999. Burrrr and ESPN is how we did it. Once we ran out we headed to go get more 40's. Always an adventure and shit.

Someone give us the loot so we can start our own muh fucken show.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Fast Food vs. Reality

Sure we all know that fast food advertisements bend the truth, and what we get served rarely resembles what we actually order. You like chemically processed food tho right? Man I kinda do when I'm drunk or in a hurry not gonna lie and neither should you. Serio spit tho after looking at these images, which show side-by-side the advertisements and the actual images, we might be inclined to take a semi-automatic rifle with us next time we visit a fast food joint.

If my kid looked like this

his ass would would just eat nuts and berries

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Man Babe

Muh fucken Chromeo! Just as they are about to set off on their ''Risky Business'' tour they've offered a free download of ''Hot Mess (Duck Sauce Remix). 2 step it up children of the corn.

Chromeo - "Hot Mess" (Duck Sauce Remix) by greenlabelsound

Check Yo Self

Knitting is for pussies

AR 2.0

These are the future for ADIDAS

I'd say the AR 2.0 is one of ADIDAS's most interesting sneaker. It was designed by the North American team. It kinds of follows the footsteps of the Roundhouse. It has that progressive silo that blends ADDIDAS heritage with a modern approach to footwear, fucken way radical bruh. Thee sneaker will be available fall 2011. Step yo sneaker game up.

Clean Sneaks

The Air Jordan III ‘White/Fire Red-Cement gets released this month and they be some pretty clean ass kicks. Like really how the fuck can you go wrong with these?

Shit is so clean I'd lick the bottom of the shoe just for the fuck of it


This song is ill as fuck. The actual video is weird as fuck because they be doing some crazy as shit. Discodeine is sick as fuck tho so get into it. I say a lot of bad words huh? Fuck it you fucken fucks.

Discodeine feat. Jarvis Cocker - Synchronize from Pschent on Vimeo.

Just Chillen

Lady says to guy "Oh hi what are you doing'' guy says to lady ''Oh you know just hanging around what the fuck it look like bitch''

and then the conversation just gets awkward as fuck from then on out. Something I'd maybe like to record on my flip camera and post on youtube, is that bad?

Lips and Shit Like That

What if our lips looked like this

Like it was standard to have some other color sparkling and shit making some people look like tranny's with fucked up makeup. I'd be soooo into that.

Sexy Bruh

This picture is muh fucken sexy

Do you think she's wearing underwear? I love being a creeper mcgee

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ODB Crazy

Hope everyone had a good New Years and shit. Hopefully some of you did ugly stupid things to bring in a fresh new year. I didn't do anything stupid unfortunately. I did pound 40's with my home boy Jared and my girl. Shit was raw and uncut. Muh fucken Jared is another fellow crazy dumb ass just like myself so when we get together we get cray cray aka ODB CRAZY. It was a fun night. Got drunk, did and said stupid shit and ended up at Whiskey Richards.

That's some muh fucken passion behind that sipping right there.

How we start the nights off. Say word.

What we do. Cheap dumb entertainment