Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mini Ike Turner

Chris Brown was sentenced today to 5 years probation and 6 months community labor for the beating of his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Why he would want to hit Rihanna I don't know, he must be phucken crazy because she's sccchmoking. If he violates any terms of his sentence including an order to stay 100 yards away from Rihanna he could be sent to state prison, which I hope he does because no girl deserves to get beaten by a boyfriend/husband it's complete bullshit. I don't care if your hyna is some 200 pound beast threatening you left and right don't raise a fist. It pisses me off because men today have no problem hitting their hyna's but when it comes to a fight amongst other men they bust out bitchassness and use weapons, couldn't they just imagine it's their girlfriend and throw some blows? Men these days. As for Chris Brown you sucked at acting anyways the only reason I own your movie ''This Christmas'' is because I used to work at the wherehouse and came up on it.
What a troll

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