Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mini Trip

Sup babies. I will be gone until Monday because my gay ass is finally heading up north to San Francisco for the 1st time ever. Yeah I know I live a fucken sheltered life and what not but don't you worry when I get back I will have tons of stories and pictures to show you. So sit tight enjoy your weekend and wait for me to get back. Keep it real babies.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Art at the Kitty

Last night my friend Devyn Arrey Galindo had an art show at Wildcat in Santa Barbara. She displayed her photography in a very funky, fresh and creative way. A couple of blown up photographs in dope ass vintage frames, photographs on lamp shades, photographs made into magnets, a couple of 5x7's and postcards. The setup was just legit. Candles lit which made it have that dark intimate feel since artist like that shit haha. My girlfriend even bought I'd say the sickest piece there. Which was this big piece.

It fucken looks like a painting it's so clean and the frame makes it all come together. Another one of my favorite pieces there.

The Girl meets Boy from Mars lamp. It's different but in that good creative way. It was also priced very reasonably. Here's another wall that had some more art.

Everything was just done so creatively from the setup to the presentation. I'd say Devyn did a fucken legit job with everything and if any of you want to check out more of her work peep her website DEVYNARREY.COM annnnd also all the hair and makeup of the models in almost all the photographs were done by my girlfriend Justine Hosseini so take a peep at her website as well and see more of her work They are both very talented young ladies.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Fear

Yeah so I fucken am scared of dogs. I'm fucken terrified and shit of them. Never was bit by one but chased by some bullshit rottweiler that fucked up my childhood after that. As for small dogs I hate those fucken things. I will never hesitate to the kick the shit out of one if one tries to fuck with me and snap at my toes. The things that sucks is that dogs seem to be almost everywhere so yeah that can just fuck up my day thinking about.

This is me! This is how I feel when I see a dog. I mean I wish I was scared of clowns because I never see those out in yards or just randomly fucken walking the streets. Ok I feel better now that I shared what I'm scared of with you all. It feels good.

Friday, July 23, 2010

How to Black Out

If you are someone who hasn't blacked out from drinking then give your self a pat on the back and hug the shit out of yourself because I guess that's pretty cool. I do know there are tons of you out there that have blacked out so I guess you should take a shot to that and black out again? Anyhow for those of you lucky non blacker outers out there if you ever wanted to maybe see what if feels like to black out and be hung over the next morning purchase one of these and do as this guys is doing.

Ahh yes wine. It makes you all warm and fuzzy really fast and stains your teeth red! Go to town!

Best of the Best

I feel like I see more and more vespas and motorcycles on the road, which I could give a fuck about but I came across this funny picture of different types of Helmets you can actually wear designed by the company Good. I mean these helmets are really tempting me to sell or trade my car in and buy a vespa just so I can wear all of them! I'm a huge supporter of cheap entertainment and this right here my friends would make all those angry drivers smile and get those knots out of their chonies.

I think everyone should sell/trade their cars and we all ride around on vespas or motorcycles and purchase these helmets and just say fuck it, I am a funny person.


You all better know who the fuck Daft Punk is and if you're that lame and don't then go google them or youtube I don't even want to get into that. This video is fucken awesome, legit, wicked and pure siccness. Check this out and I dare you to try this project.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Field Trip

Today I went down to The Hundreds headquarters with my big bro Nick and Low for an ''important fake meeting." Nick is 1 of the owners of CRSVR a sneaker boutique here in Santa Barbara and Low is his accomplice. The reasoning for this trip was so the guys could show them the Spring/Summer line for 2011 so orders can be placed, um very soon. It was like a fucken mini dream come true because I'm in love with The Hundreds. Ever since a friend told me about 1 of their art shows back in I think 03 or 04 I fell in love with their concept and what they stood for.

Anyhow for those of you that may know me you know that I normally talk a lot and move a lot where ever I go but the minute we stepped foot in the headquarters I got super quiet and was just looking around because I've only seen the place through pictures from the blog but I was now standing in it and never thought I'd be doing so, fucken amazing. We probably spent a good 2 hours in the meeting room where they showed us everything from tees to snapbacks, to the denim and so on. I just sat there like a good fucken kid for once. I liked being in that sort of environment. Super dope guys as well. I had NO say in anything but still managed to look like I was working and shit.

After all the talk that seemed sooooo important to me and loved hearing we then did a walk through their warehouse and got to choose from 2 long aisles of boxes that were filled with tees, denim, shorts, button ups, hoodies, beanies, snapbacks and so on. Um anything we wanted and I fucken went to town. Didn't want to grab too much but could of easily grabbed more then I did.

It was an awesome day. Super grateful I had the opportunity to experience such a thing, especially something I knew a lot about and loved.

To check out more on CRSVR check out their website
or The Hundreds

Monday, July 12, 2010

Post SB Pride

The pride madness has left Santa Barbara with no rainbow balloon in sight, which makes me happy. Pride this year was very fucken fun because for our community being as small and boring as it is, our pre parties, after parties and entertainment at Pride itself was the best yet. You had your baby dykes, old dykes, lipsticks, chapsticks and so on in full force. I don't mention gay boys because they're always fucken out, lesbians hibernate and shit like that. Anyhow the beer and Jameson flowed so smoothly throughout the festivities. I didn't really take pictures unless it was on my phone because I was drunk a good portion of the events I went to. We did have a special guest in the house and it was no other then

Lionel Ritchie

Our entertainment was pretty fucken raw and made all the gay boys dance and scream like little bitches including myself. Kimberly Cole was the main performer and I've never heard of her but she was good. She had that Lady Gaga feel and her backup dancers were dressed like that just came off her set. After all that was said and done the festival was over. I was headed back down towards the bars and my friend Brandon aka Baby B who had a brilliant idea which was to take all the balloons that were up and walk with them all the way to the bars, which we did.

Baby B handling business and a great supporter to the gay community since he loves ladies (sorry men) and this was his 1st pride

Halfway there and our good friends decided to pick us up and give us a lift so we wouldn't scare the rest of SB with all these rainbow balloons instead we made the car look super gay. I'll tell you this it was super hard holding onto the balloons while the car was going 25 MPH.

And just like that off goes our happy asses ready to conquer Whiskey Richards and Tonic. Pride in Santa Barbara you are slowly but surely getting better and making it easier for all the closet cases to come out and be gayer then ever.

This Tickles My Fancy

I'm a pretty small lady so I would and want a smaller car then what I have right now. My ideal car is this black beauty that if I owned I'd nickname Tyrone, do you know why? Well the car is pretty black so duh.

I mean really this car yells out BAD ASS for a little lady like myself. It's thug life living for sure. Clean and smooth just like I like my ladies.

Oh Hi Monday

So Sundays and Mondays are usually the days me and my girlfriend get to spend together since we normally both work Tuesday-Saturdays. Today we went and had lunch out at the bluffs in Carpenteria. It was super fucken bomb, the food and my girlfriend was looking delicious as always. After lunch we took a walk along the trials which lead us towards the ocean.

The lady taking that stroll

Justine made me look like I cared what I was looking at

We keep shit classy as always

Fucken Magical

This Is Cute

This is too fucken cute, it really is.

Kanye West FINALLY apologizes to Taylor Swift and decided to do a photo shoot of it. Fucken precious. I'm digging Taylor Swift's new hair steez as well.

Diamond Kings

No no no don't worry this isn't about King James aka Prince James but this is really about some kings of baseball. Diamond Supply is dropping a new pack of limited edition tees. The tees showcase a real legend from different cities and recreates their image from their old Diamond King card.

Pete Rose representing the Philadelphia Phillies, Rickey Henderson for the Oakland Athletics, Mickey Mantle for New York and Willy Mays for the San Francisco Giants. Fucken dope shirts and will only be sold at the Diamond Supply store in LA and Diamonds online store sometime this summer.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010



Post Fourth of July

Well I hope you all had a pants dropping good 4th of July because I really didn't have one since I worked all weekend but that is okay because it was my choice. I wanted to make some extra loot and fuck with drunk people that came in and out of my work, pouring them more beer and feeding them some bomb ass food till 3 am. I'll tell you this tho you we got some pretty fucken strange people from out of town with some fucked up stories that made me laugh. Saturday and Sunday was fucken bananas and by 1:30 am there were people passing out on the tables as they waited for their food, vegetarians so fucked up they ordered meat and grubbed that shit down like there was no tomorrow and other drunks screaming like bitches as they played on our vintage Ms. Pac Man. Let me tell you this tho Billies had their VIP's that stuck out all weekend long and it was this terrible duo that could possibly be a match made in heaven.

The terrible duo was in all weekend long getting drunk, getting cut off or getting kicked out. They both loved to talk to themselves, they both had bags of clothes that would tag along with them and they both smelled like shit. We didn't name the guy but to me he was like the 2010 version of Sloth from the Goonies and the lady we named Froggy because well she sounds like that kid named Froggy from Little Rascals. These two were a fucken pain in the ass but at the same time I enjoyed fucking with them.

Froggy and me had a nice little chat outside. As she tried to light a cigarette and keep her head up at the same time she slurred to me saying ''I fucken love mexicans and I hate white people'' I asked her why and she said ''because mexican men aren't fucken pussies and all white men do is use me'' weird right?

I told Froggy to pose and this was the best she could do. I told her to give me a smile and she said ''bitch I ain't got no teeth''

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tour De Maestro - The Final

Maestro finishes his tour in Germany for the final adiCup. With me having fake soccer fever right now I was also intrigued on how they make soccer boots, check out the clip.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Jeremy Scott is fucken brilliant and talented. I mean check out the new Adidas leather ''wings'' 2.0 that he designed

Wings on your shoes is fucken dope. Red Bull has nothing on these wings. They go on sale August 10th. Everyone get these if you want to fly.

You Breakfast

Today I woke up naked in my girlfriend's bed and hungover as fuck. Last night we went out to Milk and Honey this super hip tapas bar in Santa Barbara and I swore those mojitos were juice, fucked my shit up. Anyhow I felt like shit throughout the day and didn't have work until 5 so I had a lot of free time on my hands and decided to make another video for your viewing pleasure. This video shows you ''things I love'' so love this shit.

Hair and Shit like that

Alright well I came across some weird/funny/I would not allow my girlfriend to wear tights. I mean hairy bushes are so 1970 when everyone was having free sex and passing STD's freely at festivals, right?

What do you think? I'm sure some people would love to wear these and of course if I knew someone that wore these I'd take a picture of them and laugh and say ''you're so cool'' but I wouldn't really mean it. Maybe hairy bushes are going to make a comeback.