Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This is Love

In sections of Philadelphia there are 50 painted walls throughout a designated section from famed artist Steve Powers, also known as ESPO. He's teaming up with the city for a special project entitled Love Letter. It will not only feature ESPO's work but also 40 other local international talents, each painting their own wall. This project should be finished by labor day. Why can't Santa Barbara have something like this in a certain part of town? I mean it wouldn't be anything tasteless. It would give some locals a chance to use their talents in a good way and give Santa Barbara some local personality to it's high class vibe that the city is trying or has already obtained. Give the talented a chance to shine artistically in Santa Barbara, we need a cool part of town to go to and hang out. State Street doesn't cut it.

Here are some of Steve Powers aka ESPO's walls throughout Philadelphia

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