Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yes it's true I am slightly Ocd. I like shit in order it just has to be in order in order for me to know it's in order, make sense? Hah but for reals those of you that know me know I'm a neat freak. All dvds are color coordinated (well the newest ones aren't shit I'm slipping) shit's polished in my room you know like my dressers, surround sound and tv. I fold my underwear and place them in the order I want to wear them during the week save the best color for last, you get the picture of my neatness. Where I'm going with this is that this chick even tho she's hott and has cool ass kicks on I'd slap because of the mess she is laying on. I COULD NEVER live in an environment like that, it's a sad story but I'd get a phucken anxiety attack being in there. The only good thing is that she's good eye candy. Serio, being clean and organized is the way to be those of you reading this look at your rooms and if it's dirty and shit laying around everywhere, pick that shit up!
If I was ever in a Mr. T kinda mood I'd wear them

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