Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Don't Ever Give Up

If it don't make dollas it don't make cents

Thug Granny

This is how I'll be rolling as a grandma the only difference tho is that I'll have the word HOME GIRL tatted on my knuckles.

The Future

I Like

Call me crazy but I like this get up


Stone cold fox.

Hard Mix - Memories

There's this guy that goes by the name of Hard Mix and he makes good music. These being my two favorite right now.


Ah yes that feeling you have when you're with someone who you just can't get enough of and every time you kiss you get butterflies, you know that? Well welcome to my life.

She is everything I look for in a person. Caring, kind hearted, fun and a strong individual. I'm super happy right now with where and how things are going. She has helped me with certain things that are bettering me as a person and she may not even know it. Love it.

Agenda 2011

This past month down in Long beach there was this tradeshow called Agenda and us (Church of Skaten) attended. Myself along with Aaron and Meetch charged it and fucken soaked up everything we could.

We saw some homies that had booths there showing off their apparel goods and hella fine ass babes walked around looking all fresh. Woof. We did some pre bookings for the shop and out of all the brands we meet with we all had boners over Brixton's Fall 2012 line. Man did they nail what they are trying to get across. They're the only one's doing it right. Bravo to them. I took some pics.

Google TLR & CO and
peep what my home boys are up to. Making those silent moves straight up out the 805

To Neglect

Well hello all my babies. Yes I have been neglecting my blog this past month but only because I have been occupied with work, my girlfriend and life. I have also put alcohol aside, living a sober healthy life and I couldn't ask for more. Have no fear tho I am back in action and ready to talk shit.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Twerk It

Can you please tell me that this is kinda funny cause it made me laugh a lil