Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Ming King

If you've hung out with Erica and I this summer, you are sure to have heard of the infamous Mongolian BBQ. What appears to be a shady shack from the outside, is actually some of the best Mongolian food we have had. What we refer to as Mongolian BBQ is actually a place called Ming Dynasty located at 290 Storke Road in Goleta. Why do we love this place? For the BBQ buffett! They carefully arrange an array of raw vegetables, meats, and sauces while you get your own bowl and layer on any and all the ingredients you like. While Erica loads her plate with meat and noodles, I like to pack in all my veggies. You can them top them with a variety of sauces including chili oil, curries, Mongolian BBQ sauce, teriyaki, garlic, pineapple juice, etc.

After you have created your bowl, you set it for the cute little man to cook for you.

After he has tended to your food, you are presented with a fresh plate of your own "chow mein"

For $7.95 for lunch from 11-4 and $12.95 for dinner, this is definetly value for your buck!