Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Fake King

After looking at the king with no ring shoes aka Lebron James I wasn't really impressed. I'm not hating because I don't care for him but they're ugly. I'll also say this so you don't think I'm being a Lebron hater I thought Kobe's shoes were ugly as fuck too, so there. I'm a Jordan type of girl.

I'm sure they'll sell nicely making that pretty penny just because their Lebron James shoes. The marketing must be great on these. You could be like ''If you want to be the so called King and have nothing to show for it (cough cough rings) then get these shoes!"

Kinky Shit

I think it's dope that people in relationships whether it be a long term or short term are always trying to spice things up when it comes to the bedroom. I feel it's important to keep things fresh, new and fun. I couldn't help but laugh hysterically when I came across a photo that was on exhibition during the Milan Fashion Week called ”One Size Fits All” and since my mind seems to be in the gutter on the daily it reminded me of something a dominatrix would wear. No lies

Tell me this shit isn't kind of funny/creepy. Could you imagine your partner throwing that shit on thinking they're all sexy when in your mind your like ''damn bitch muzzle off I'm trying to get in yo shit'' haha maybe that's just me. Also if I was drunk and my gf put that shit on I'd probably scream like a little bitch because does it not look freaky after awhile.

Huf and Puff 2nd Delivery

Following delivery number 1, HUF has released their 2nd drop of their fall collection. Some new graphic tees, hats including New Eras, snapbacks and 5 panels. I always like half of their delivery especially the tees and New Eras. Here's what I'm feeling from the 2nd delivery. Raise the roof!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Kyle Eads has set out to create SFC, a dope one stop shop for all your rare sneaker needs and wants. SFC is located in San Francisco's streetwear central 442 Haight Street. The shop carries a wide array of consignment kicks along with a nice selection of apparel and headwear. This is just another reason why I NEED to go back to SF. Too many good shops there and they also carry my child size for shoes. You can stay up to date with new releases through their blog

SFCollection from Jordan G. Rudman on Vimeo.

Commando Lady

Just to let you know what I'm going to look like when I'm older

Lock and load kiddies. Plus when I'm this old the world will probably be that crazy to where walking around with an M-16 (and if it's not that type of gun oh fucken well) is the normal thing to do. Thug Wife

A Leaked Song

Somehow a new Kanye West song has leaked this week I'd say a little too early but fuck it right. Not going to lie in the beginning his vocals have that Imogen Heap vibe, which is typical for these days but whatevs. Check it out. What do you think?

Kanye West - Lost In The World (Tags) by DopeMag-Since1979

Nike Air Max

How fucken delicious are these kicks

They really rock my world, like they really do. These shoes would look good on just about anybody so everyone should buy these and walk by me so I can just stop and stare at your feet like the creeper I am.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Barbara Streisand

Duck Sauce "Barbra Streisand" from Mr Goldbar on Vimeo.

Duck Sauce. A-Trak. Enough said. Cheers

Oh Shit Wine

With the start of a new job last night was my Friday night and I just so happened to drink a bottle of wine by myself because it was just so fucken hot outside and I was bored, so I sat on my porch and drank then howled at the moon. Anyways where I'm getting with this is that I wonder what kind of wine she's drinking?

I wonder if it's Pinot Noir because it it is she's ight.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eww Baby Dyke

Alright so I guess Justin Bieber has said this. Just look at this disturbing picture, more so on Bieber's part.

This is the most fucked up shit I've seen so far in the year 2010, more disturbing then Lindsay Blowhan not serving her full sentence in jail because she has a fire crotch . Really Justin Bieber you are this generations "Kurt Cobain'' then why not just blow your head off right now with a shotgun? Eww not nice of me to say since I was a fan of Kurt. I know yes this kid has made millions of dollars, he's probably made 12 year olds start touching themselves as they see him on tv calling themselves ''beliebers'' and so on.

I mean if he's the Kurt Cobain of this generation does that mean Drake is fucken 2 Pac or Biggie of this generation? Um a big fat FUCK NO! This is why music is fucken horrible these days because these littles fucks get all commando on their youtube views and start saying stupid shit. I could go on forever but I'm already sick to my stomach on this whole thing. All I want to say is NEVER compare yourself to a legend who has passed on, you will never come close because you obviously are not them. Create your own fucked up world. Fucken baby dyke you truly are a piece of rich shit.

P.S. Justin Bieber you're lucky Courtney Love isn't that fucked up off of drugs like she was in the 90's because she'd probably murder you. Like for reals. She's fucken nuts.


I would of never thought Kanye West would have changed the color of his skin to white.

What the fuck is going on here folks? I'm stumped but then again it kind of makes sense in that weird way. Maybe now if he were to make white girls cry by interrupting them it would be okay because he's not that drunk angry black guy anymore? Who knows all I know is that I love all colors so don't think I'm racist, shit. Louis Vuitton ugggghhhh, all tough! All day huh Kanye. Make em say ugh *master p voice*


Today The Hundreds dropped their new Fall 2010 make ups of the Phoenix sunglasses.

6 of each available at the 3 flagship stores THLA, THSF and THNY.

Matte, burgundy and tortoise brown also . Get yo shit and protect your eyes and look cool while doing it. If you don't want to drive to get these bad boys, be lazy like me and hit up their online shop and read the blog while you're at it, if you don't already

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Nice Treat

Next month Justine and myself along with 2 rad friends will be grooving out to Sleigh Bells at Soho October 18th. Pretty darn excited and shit. This video is from their song "Infinity Guitars'' and it makes me want to slap faces and then 2 step it up. Cheers!

Sleigh Bells "Infinity Guitars" from Phil Pinto on Vimeo.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to Not Leave

Lets say you are about to move out of town and your girlfriend was with you to say her good byes and what not. Well just as you get all situated on that train or bus she does this shit

Fuck right? I mean boobies are so nice what are you to do? Do you take it like a champ and just ignore the fact that you could have those in a blink of an eye or do you get off and handle that shit? I'm a sucker for this kind of shit because well duhhh I love my girlfriend and saying bye would suck but if that bitch busted out her titties then I'd have to get off. It's as simple as that.

Dante Ross

This video is short and simple. Dante Ross has teamed up with WeSC to release a set of dope headphones. Dante shares his thoughts on music and traveling throughout the city with a pair of headphones and how they are such a fashion statement. Whether you're on a train, bus or airplane it's key to have your favorite tunes playing so you get a good clean start on your day. Word. Music is key for me.

Wesc NYC headphone collection: Dante Ross from DANTE ROSS NYC on Vimeo.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Raider Nation

Yesterday was the Raiders opening home game against the Rams aka the Lamb Chops. We headed up in 3 air buses full of Raider fans at 4 am and got into Oakland around 10:30-11. The ride wasn't that bad either got a couple of hours of sleep and then the drinking began. All the people on the bus were dope as fuck and the older ones feed us younger kids that came unprepared. Homemade chorizo burritos is not a bad way to start off the day. As we got closer to the stadium the chants started ''Raaaaiders'' and so on. This was my 1st game ever and I was super fucken pumped.

Some cool peeps we met on the bus, oh yeah it was that chicks burrfday as well

A bus full of mexicans and shit

Once we got to the stadium the tailgating began and it went down hill from there but in a good way. It was fucken dope to see so many Raider fans in all black and silver. T'was amazing times. We met up with some homies that were already there bbq'ing it up. Good times kids good times. It was also dope seeing all the hardcore fans dressed up, way into it and I love that.

Some of the homies

Me and my cousin Isaiah with some hardcore Raider fan who made me feel so tall

So of what was to be seeing during the tailgating. Not even half of it

Where all the cooking went down. Some bomb tri tips and chicken from Shaloobs

This is fucken cute. Family. Word

After a couple of hours of drinking it was time to head into the stadium for the real fun.

Of course beers were overpriced but since I was drunk that didn't seem to stop me and spent like all my money on just beer, so smart of me huh. Our seats were decent for the price we paid. Good views. A lot of beer drinking went in during the game and the Raiders pulled out with a win. All was good in my book. Next game I'll be hitting up will the Raider/Niner game which should be delicious. Raider Nation bay bay!

A New Rule Perhaps

So we live in a beautiful beach town where you see a lot of people riding bikes, especially the ladies. Well what if there was a new rule that was for the ladies they had to ride in their panties and bras haha.

Kind of like this picture but as we all know we're living in the fucken future so the bras and panties will look a lot different then the picture. A nice thong and lacey bra. Oh shit I'm being such a perv right now. Oh well fuck it.


The new single from Travis Barker's forthcoming solo LP ''Give the Drummer Some'' titled ''Jump Down is with The Cool Kids spitting over Barker's drum patterns. I think it's pretty dope. I mean I'm a fan of The Cool Kids. I like a lot of their music. Check out the track.

Travis Barker featuring The Cool Kids - Jump Down by Hypetrak

Also for the Sneaker Pimps 2010 the premier of the 3D music video ''Jump Down'' will be premiered. Um a live set with Travis Barker and The Cool Kids, shit I may have to check this out. It takes place October 7th in LA

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cool Shit

Hypebeast TV spent I guess you could say lazy afternoon with Greg from Mishka, following him as he hit up his favorite spots in the city where he finds inspiration and cool ass fucken shit. Check out their online shop and treat yourself to some dope colorful tee's

Mishka NYC: Cool S*** from on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fucken Dope

With celebrating the 5th anniversary of Australian retailer Highs and Lows also known as HAL they are collaborating with Reebok on its own rendition of the classic GL6000. Fucken check these out

These are fucken dope right? Well I'm totally loving these kicks. The color ways are all some of my favorite colors and all go with pretty much anything you wear. All you hardcore kids would look pretty cool in these with no socks and your cut off shorts. The thing that sucks about being small is that these bad boys will probably not be made in my size. BALLS!

I Just Don't Know

Carlos Santana's new album ''Guitar Heaven'' comes out September 21st

For his lead single he teams up with Nas. I guess his album will feature a nice list of guest vocalists to perform on every track. I listened to the track with Nas on it and I'm really not impressed. Actually I feel that Nas fucken kills the whole thing along with the back up singers. It sounds like a fucked up action hero themed song. Don't get me wrong Nas is dope but I feel not for this type of collaboration. I also know it's an AC/DC cover, who cares it could be better. Carlos Santana's guitar skills are on another level and when he does solo instrumental sets, for me that's when I really feel his shit not with someone rapping over it. Check out the track and let me know what you think because Carlos kills it Nas umm nahhh. Yes, for once I want to know what you think.

Carlos Santana featuring Nas - Back in Black (AC/DC Cover) by Hypetrak


I'm a very curious/nosey person so when I came across this picture on a random site I immediately thought to myself ''what the fuck is he laughing at?"

I mean if I was in that situation I would not be laughing I'd be fucken getting anxiety from all the people that were around me breathing down my neck, I'd be crying like a pussy. What the fuck would you guys be doing? Maybe he was thinking about ass and titties and laughed to himself and said ''damn it's been awhile'' haha

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another Goodie

Another goodie will also be released this Thursday at all three flagship stores for The Hundreds. Mark Dean Veca, a pop icon designed three tee's featuring The Hundreds imagery in the Mark Dean Veca steez. In the colorways black and white. They're pretty dope tee's. My personal favorite is the one with thee eagle. Word

Banksy Again

Three new pieces by Banksy on the streets of an undisclosed location, fucken ayeeee where the fuck is this shit!? It's like trying to find Carmen San Diego and shit. There is no information available as to where all three are at, but I'm sure they'll get the recognition they deserve in the days ahead. Bansky is motha fucken man of mystery, Austin Powers better be jealous. Here be the three pieces

Luggage and Stuff

This Thursday The Hundreds are releasing a fucken cool/neato piece of roller luggage. This shit is dope with tons of handy pockets to put things in, including a detachable laptop backback.

Available only at THLA, THSF and THNY. Get yo shit kids

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Boss

The Mike Giant doing a stop motion animation for Blue Angel Vodka, this guy is a fucken genius. If you don't know who Mike Giant is then google his ass because I don't feel like explaining myself, you should know who he is if you consider yourself cool.

Mike Giant BAM (making a Blue Angel Martini) from Blue Angel Vodka on Vimeo.


I know a lot of lesbians that use these both.

Yup yup those key holders are key to those lesbians who don't use a purse. Um yeah I have like 3 just incase the one I'm using right now gives out. Also those little bracelets I feel I see many many little dykey babies wearing them all up on their arms, which I fucken hate. Sorry but I do. Maybe 1 is ok but not like fucken 6. I had to post this picture because it made me laugh to myself and that's very rare when it comes to accessories.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Song of the Day

Okayyy *Wiz Khalifa voice* I'm sure a lot of you have heard of him but if you haven't check it out. He's dope and shit and smokes lots of weed. This is one of my favorite tracks. So get down and boogie the day away. Be thug or whatever it is you are. 2 step this shit up!

Wiz Khalifa "The Kid Frankie" from EMo Coussey on Vimeo.

Kiddie Pool

Shit you know we have at least a couple more heat waves left in Santa Barbara since our REAL summer starts in September/October, but fuck can it be now?

I want to go swimming NOW!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One Night in Vegas

ESPN has a documentary series featuring films from some of today's dopest storytellers. Each filmmaker brings their passion and personal point of view to their film detailing the issues, trends, athletes, teams, rivalries, games and events that transformed the sports from 1979-2009. A couple months ago they did a fucken dope one on the Raiders and how they influenced hip-hop narrated by Ice Cube. Fresh. Well tonight's is on Mike Tyson and Tupac ''One Night in Vegas'' directed by Reggie Rock Bythewood. This shit looks dope. You should watch it because I said so. All the cool kids will be. Here's a clip of what's to come.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Huf and Puff

Yoooo so over this weekend Huf released their 1st delivery of their fall collection. Couple dope graphic tees and they expanded their cut ad sew line, which is neato. Their pea coat is sexy as fuck and I really need to have it. Their hats are cool too because they aren't all new eras, a good variety is what you need for headwear. Gotta keep people guessing on that shit. Switch shit up kids serio fucken shit. Here's some of the items I'm feeling. To check out more of their shit hit up their site