Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Shit.

Theophilus London has a new music video out! Yeah I'm excited because I fucken love his music. Shit be oh so goooood. ''Why Even Try'' is a dope track. Listen now!!


Dogs are so fucken stupid and it's even more stupid of the owners to dress up their dogs




Duuuuude check out the art from Dan Tague, super talented artist. Shit is radass.

Gangsta Glow Worm

This muh fucker is a hood ass BITCH! Damn Chris Brown didn't know you had it in you bruh.

The Hundreds Santa Monica

Tomorrow at 11 am is the grand opening of The Hundreds Santa Monica, which is located on 416 Broadway Street. Some legit in store exclusives. Check it out. I gotta make a run down there and grab some goodies fa show.


Tragik is fucken dope. Totally feeling this dykes music and her swag ain't too shabby.

What We Do

Last night me and my home girl Claudia the tranny aka Ru Paul's look alike went out for some burrrs at the Press Room, dope little spot in SB. Talking and laughing about dumb shit, it's how we roll. We make dreams come true. We are spreading the SWAG-LES-WORTH with the world, one day at a time. Cheers BROS.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Glider Plane

Benny Gold is teaming up with New York Jewelry makers, Just Wood.

They will be available next month at the new Benny Gold flagship store in San Francisco. I must say those things are pretty fucken rad.


The Hundreds will be opening up their 4th flagship store in Santa Monica this Friday April 1st. Shit is pretty rad that they are slowly but surely opening up more stores. THLA, THSF, THNY and now THSM. The Hundreds are HUGE

So Gay

With Pride season around the corner I thought all you fags out there would get a kick out of this ''rainbow'' shit. Let me just add this, I really do fucken hate all the rainbow shit. I'm not one to flaunt my sexuality. It's something you just know when you see me because I got that SWAG.


How the fuck did they get this picture from me? This was a private moment and shit.

You know I'm kidding but I'll relive this picture just for you all.

Monday, March 28, 2011

House Of Balloons

Toronto based R&B project The Weekend dropped their first mixtape, House of Ballons and it's fucken sexy as fuck. Shit is for the grown and sexy fa show, totally vibing it. To download click on that link!

One of my favs from House of Ballons. Straight up SWAG.

A Ring

This ring is fucken dope

I'd want mine to say some bullshit tho, like funny shit. Duh

Snoop Dogg

Mr. Cartoon got down on Snoop's forearm, like whoa. Check this shit out

shit came out fucken good right. RIP Nate Dogg

A Bus

This bus is grimey as fuck and I like it

I'd for sure cruise it in this muh fucker. Get ODB crazy up in that bitch.


The complete version of Justice's new track ''Civilization'' is now out, pretty fucken rad. It's off of his looooong awaited sophmore LP which is expected to be released sometime this year (stoked)

Justice - "Civilization" Full Track by 1077 The End

Hodgy Beats

Check out the new drop from Hodgy Beats, shit is wicked. Odd Future is blowing up. Get into their shit kids.

Hodgy Beats - Mystery by Hypetrak

Good Vibes Music Fest

This past Saturday was the 2nd annual Good Vibes music festival in Santa Barbara. Shit was dope. They had a live art walk along with vendors on their hustle selling their goods, let me add that some of the gear was legit. I cruised it with my homie Lord Defa who I assist. This guy is a legit artist, not an art tease. He was showing his art their and did a live piece as well. We met up with the Vulgar Villains crew, some more dope artists and their gear game is taking off. Check out their website

The day was fucken radass. Met some cool ass cats, saw dope ass art and heard some good tunes. Pics and shit. Check it.

We made dreams come true

Some of Lord Defa's art, radass right?

Get in the snapback game

Vulgar Villains

The necessities

The new homie Masen from Ya Ya crew getting down on his live art piece.


Finished product

Trying to look important and shit

Lord Defa getting down

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