Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Suitcase Tour

So Johnny Cupcakes has release his dates for his suitecase tour that will start to take place this Friday in New York and he'll travel all around the US hitting up 30 different cities and April 20th he'll be hitting up the LA store on Melrose. Shit is going to be bananas and I'll be 1 of the thousands of kids in line waiting to get my hands on that limited edition shirt. For those of you that don't know about Johnny Cupcakes check out his story here www.johnnycupcakes.com and click on story, it's fucken amazing. Check out the video about the suitcase tour.

Here's also a picture of the shirts that will be released during his tour. Limited edition shirts always come proper. You see that Wu-Tang look alike shirt, it's fucken delicious.

Be Hungry

I came across this picture on this random sight online and I couldn't help but stare, and no not because the lady is naked.

It's fucken interesting to me and gave me the chills. She is skinny as fuck and looks like she's about to get tortured or something. The photographer behind this work Helmut Newton. He was born in Germany during the 20's and was a fashion photographer noted for his nude studies of women. His work is fucken raw and real, very different from portraits I'm used to seeing.

Oh Shit

This hat is fucken dope and clean. I gotta get my little mexican hands on this snapback.

After a successful collaboration with Hip-Hop group U-N-I and Hella Tight they produce their 2nd run of this classic snapback called ''Land of The King's'' cap. I like how their focus this time around was that like LA style throwback look. Paying a nice little tribute to the Kings of the 90's. The hat is now available at the brands site www.hellatight.com/#.com

Friday, March 5, 2010

My Family

Just another typical family get together, hah I lie but how awesome would that be if I was telling the truth? Psshhh you know how mexicans get down at weddings and what not. This video is just too funny to not share. Cheers and happy Friday

Monday, March 1, 2010


Ok so I hope most of you know about or have seen the movie The Goonies. It's one of my all time favorite movies ever! Each of the characters having their own trait for what they're known for whether it be having a big mouth, to inventing a bunch of new gadgets or just simply being that fat kid, you get sucked in. My personal favorite character is Chunk. Ah good ol Chunk and his buttoned up flower shirt and those plaid pants he wore, to hearing his story on how the whole theater started to puke, he was simply amazing and funny. Now I came across this photo online and thought it was one of the best personalized liscense plate I have EVER seen


I'm sure most of you have Twitter accounts like myself. I personally like Twitter for getting updates for online sales with some of my favorite brands such as The Hundreds, Mishka, Huf and Diamond Supply. It's great because last week Mishka and Huf both had 40% sales online, with Mishka giving out a special promo code over Twitter that I took full advantage of it. After searching through a bunch of cool tee's and new era's I walked away with 1 purchase
The Cody Duffle in black and white for a very good price. Totally stoked about it and it was a very random purchase for myself because I'm always purchasing tee's but when I now go somewhere overnight I'll be doing it with style. If any of you want to check out Mishka and Huf's online stores hit up the links



Ah good ol Mondays they can be full of nothing or they can be full of all sorts of decisions and obstacles, but I'd like to say don’t get stressed out like everyone else on Mondays. Instead, look at Monday as a fresh start. Almost like New Years Day, but New Weeks Day, refreshing right? Well I'd like to think so. Anyhow I try and keep the positivity flowing for myself, family and friends. With that in mind I came across this picture

Just a simple neon sign I saw online and it made me smile. I feel that there needs to be more positive, random and public messages out there like this one. I love that one small phrase, piece of advice or even a smile can change someone's mood or thoughts process for the rest of their day. Everyone have a good rest of the week and stay fancy..