Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Field Trip to LA

This past Saturday me, my girlfriend and 6 other friends headed down to Dodger Stadium to see them lose against the Angels, it was picture perfect in that sarcastic smart ass kind of way. It was a night game and to me those are the best because it doesn't smell like B.O and shit and your makeup isn't all runny from the sweat running down your face which will then fuck up your A game, if you got any.

Of course tall cans were consumed on the way down there, showing up with a good buzz is the only way to do it if you're balling on a budget. Since we all arrive with full bladders the bathroom was our 1st stop and since our seats were in the Left Field Pavilion there is ONLY 1 bathroom for all us fans which sucks, a lot. It never fails that the ladies bathroom line was around the corner and no line for the men. Balls man fucken balls.

After almost peeing in my pants twice that mission was finally accomplished and we headed over to the beer and food area to stock up on burrrs and some Dodger Dogs. Finally getting to the bleachers, our seats were 6th row from the fence so we had a legit view and I was even seated next to a crack head that could of passed for a white Ezel from the movie Friday. I tell no lies.

The outfield is the place to be if you like obnoxiously loud fans yelling funny and lame shit out throughout the whole game. We got to see 8 people get kicked and 2 being Angel fans. Good cheap entertainment.

Me and the boo

Greg and Reena Pants

Sara and Jeffrey aka Tits McGee

Kelli KahPOWskii and Devyn Mckay

It was a good clean fun baseball game on our parts except for the next day I think I shitted out the Dodger Dog throughout the day, shit was weak sauce. Fun friends, laughs and good buzzes kept the night flowing like Jameson. More then likely I would do this again but fuck the tall cans on the way down there I'd pound a 40 oz. next time. Thug Wife

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