Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cupcaking It

This is great this is really fucken great because Johnny Cupcakes released a batch of 5 new tee's last Friday at all his stores including his store in LA on Melrose along with his online store www.johnnycupcakes.com
If you're a fellow follower/fan of Johnny Cupcakes I'm sure you already knew these tee's were out and probably bought all of them or at least 1 of them. If you didn't know well now you know. They're all fucken dope but I will share with you all which 1 is my top favorite and go down from there.

Annnnd also heads up to all you Johnny Cupcake fans August 1st will be the day they celebrate the 2 year anniversary of his store on Melrose in LA

and you know he always goes big with his events so keep that day open and get there early..

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  1. i think only u and i and leanna know him....