Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Fake Soccer Fever

You bet you asses I got fake soccer fever. I say this because as we know the 2010 FIFA World Cup is underway and it has me waking up early on days I would be sleeping in. I never watch soccer when it doesn't matter and could care less, but it is a dope sport don't get me wrong. On team USA I only know the names Landon Donovan and Tim Howard because I always hear their names on ESPN. I'm a fucken soccer poser, but whatever everyone else is too. I am a sports fanatic tho and the World Cup brings intense moments and I love that about it. Beer is also good to drink while watching games and dressing up like you care is also fun.

Ok just had to get that off my chest. For reals tho Bar 25 in Berlin seems and looks fucken dope. They have an area next to the bar called Johannisburg 24 and it seems like a legit spot to celebrate and watch the World Cup. Check this shit out.

The area features an arena style setup for the public to enjoy, with the capacity of up to 800! A 3x5 meter LED monitor screens the games and there is also a fucken pool site on the river where you can also watch the skateboarding community tear shit up on the skate ramp. Um hi Berlin.

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