Monday, June 14, 2010

Typical Sunday

Yesterday we had my brother Mikey's high school graduation bbq at the house with some of his good friends and the fam bam. Ok ok let me just tell you that my brother's friends are some of the funniest and nerdiest kids that you'll ever meet and what makes it better is that they know how nerdy they are and they love it!

Throughout the whole bbq they were playing that card game Magic. You know elves, castles, dwarfs, soldiers and whatever other fantasy thing that is out there. I wanted to understand these kids and hang out with them and just see how they do things while playing this game. I was surprised to see that not once did they say any bad words even when they lost, they kept it classy. Me on the other hand I have the mouth of a drunken sailor and drop the F bombs just like Biden. I tried my hardest to understand the game but I will NEVER get the fucken game because one of the girls told me it takes ''brains'' I felt like she was punking me and shit but I think she was mad because I wasn't paying attention to her and I don't think she got any of my jokes so maybe she thought I was really making fun of them, me make fun of someone pssshhh never.

Sasha ohhh Sasha out of all my brother's friends she stuck out the most to me. This girl has potential to be like the god father of all nerds and I mean that in a sincere way. She loves being nerdy and she talks nerdy. I fucken love her like she could be that other little sister I never wanted. I want to take her under my wings and show her things like Paul Rudd did on the movie Role Models with his castle lover of a little adopted brother. I now call her Sasha Fierce. Here's a little clip of her and I forget the guys name of them in their own world discussing their strategies and game plans while playing Magic.

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