Monday, September 20, 2010

Raider Nation

Yesterday was the Raiders opening home game against the Rams aka the Lamb Chops. We headed up in 3 air buses full of Raider fans at 4 am and got into Oakland around 10:30-11. The ride wasn't that bad either got a couple of hours of sleep and then the drinking began. All the people on the bus were dope as fuck and the older ones feed us younger kids that came unprepared. Homemade chorizo burritos is not a bad way to start off the day. As we got closer to the stadium the chants started ''Raaaaiders'' and so on. This was my 1st game ever and I was super fucken pumped.

Some cool peeps we met on the bus, oh yeah it was that chicks burrfday as well

A bus full of mexicans and shit

Once we got to the stadium the tailgating began and it went down hill from there but in a good way. It was fucken dope to see so many Raider fans in all black and silver. T'was amazing times. We met up with some homies that were already there bbq'ing it up. Good times kids good times. It was also dope seeing all the hardcore fans dressed up, way into it and I love that.

Some of the homies

Me and my cousin Isaiah with some hardcore Raider fan who made me feel so tall

So of what was to be seeing during the tailgating. Not even half of it

Where all the cooking went down. Some bomb tri tips and chicken from Shaloobs

This is fucken cute. Family. Word

After a couple of hours of drinking it was time to head into the stadium for the real fun.

Of course beers were overpriced but since I was drunk that didn't seem to stop me and spent like all my money on just beer, so smart of me huh. Our seats were decent for the price we paid. Good views. A lot of beer drinking went in during the game and the Raiders pulled out with a win. All was good in my book. Next game I'll be hitting up will the Raider/Niner game which should be delicious. Raider Nation bay bay!

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