Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eww Baby Dyke

Alright so I guess Justin Bieber has said this. Just look at this disturbing picture, more so on Bieber's part.

This is the most fucked up shit I've seen so far in the year 2010, more disturbing then Lindsay Blowhan not serving her full sentence in jail because she has a fire crotch . Really Justin Bieber you are this generations "Kurt Cobain'' then why not just blow your head off right now with a shotgun? Eww not nice of me to say since I was a fan of Kurt. I know yes this kid has made millions of dollars, he's probably made 12 year olds start touching themselves as they see him on tv calling themselves ''beliebers'' and so on.

I mean if he's the Kurt Cobain of this generation does that mean Drake is fucken 2 Pac or Biggie of this generation? Um a big fat FUCK NO! This is why music is fucken horrible these days because these littles fucks get all commando on their youtube views and start saying stupid shit. I could go on forever but I'm already sick to my stomach on this whole thing. All I want to say is NEVER compare yourself to a legend who has passed on, you will never come close because you obviously are not them. Create your own fucked up world. Fucken baby dyke you truly are a piece of rich shit.

P.S. Justin Bieber you're lucky Courtney Love isn't that fucked up off of drugs like she was in the 90's because she'd probably murder you. Like for reals. She's fucken nuts.


  1. I fuckin loved this blog! SO FUCKIN TRUE! Right on my sista! LOL

  2. haha is that quote reallllllly real?!