Monday, August 2, 2010

San Fran Part I

For those of you that even read my blog I guess you would of known I went to San Fran over this weekend, if you didn't well now you know. I finally popped that cherry that had been dying to get popped and it felt good and was fun as fuck popping it. Justine, Gabby, Marissa and myself set out early Friday morning at 5:30 am and arrived in Walnut Creek around 11. Checked into our hotel, got ready and headed out towards the bart. Now keep this in mind the whole time I thought the bart was a fucken boat and when I saw a train I was let down. No bueno. We got into the city around 1 and spent the whole day there till 12:30 am.

We hit up fisherman's wharf and ate lunch there, which was pretty cool. After that we walked over to Little Italy and China Town and to me I think it's pretty cool how there are different parts of the city that focuses on 1 culture because I'm sure there are tons of dope spots to eat at. Some art work that we saw on our way to Little Italy

China Town was pretty cool. A bunch of random ass shops that seemed to carry all of the same shit but what do I know.

Yup you better believe we took those annoying tourists pictures. Tons of people on that narrow ass street but we finally made it out and we headed towards downtown. Dope shops along the way that make me wish SB was SF because SB needs help in that department. Downtown was very cool. I enjoyed it. After stores were looked at we all headed over to the Mission District. Fuck yeah this was the part of SF I wanted to see. As we got off the bart and started to walk down the street if fucken reminded me of mini TJ, kinda sketchy but I guess we were in the not so cool part of the district. Anyhow our 1st stop was Benny Gold's shop over on 21st Street

Gabriel who was working that day was super dope. We chatted it up for a bit and the shirt he had on I've been wanting so once I asked him if he had anymore of the Doughboy shirts I think he was impressed because I don't think he thought I was that much of a follower of Benny Gold. I ended up buying a snap back and a tee and motha fucken Gabriel threw in a extra tee from last season, t'was a nice surprise.

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