Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lake San Antonio

Every August we the Georges peeps have been heading up to Lake San Antonio for like 17 years or more I have no idea I just know I've been going since I could remember as a kid. This past trip was a fucken blast like always. Good peeps, good vibes and lots of beers. We camp on the North Shore which is basically camping on the shore of the the lake, it's dope. It's 4 days 3 nights of absolute relaxation and shenanigans. We all come back darker with fucked up dirty

Bro and pops

Ebomb and the cuzzo Mallory aka Stitch

The little sister Lili who was trooper of the year having knee surgery 6 days before we left

Another sister of mine and her daughter Sheyenee. Photo of the year

Beer pong was played along with a new game my friend brought and he named it himself which was ''mexican bean bag toss'' don't ask me anything about that shit all I know is that the game was fun. Wakeboards were being handled along with us being whipped off innertubes and boat rides bumping some good tunes. I look forward to this vacation every year and this was another successful trip to be put down in the record books. Until next time.


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