Monday, August 2, 2010

The Wedding

The whole reason why we went to San Fran was because our good friend Jenna and Dan were finally tying the knot. For those of you that have never been to Walnut Creek there is 1 word that comes to mind when I think back of that place and it's Pleasantville. Everyone is so nice there it's kind of creepy but a little refreshing at the same time. Another good thing about Walnut Creek is that the weather is actually nice unlike San Fran. We headed over to the wedding around 4:15 and got there just in time to sit in the hot ass sun and wait for 4:30 to come around. I kid you not but this wedding was exactly 15 minutes long. Never have I been to such a short wedding but then again it wasn't a mexican wedding it was a white wedding and I loved it. Short, sweet and simple.

After the wedding they had cocktail hour and it was open bar. It was a power hour for us to be starred at because we all did not look like any of the people there. It was a fun time. Jenna's boss came up to us and said ''you must be the 1's from Santa Barbara'' which was kind of funny because what if we weren't? They were saying we were fashionable and just stood out hah I just let them keep talking.

The actual reception was fun. The food was fucken delicious and the alcohol continued to be free until the end of the night. The 1st wedding I've been to where they had karaoke! People had fun with that if you could imagine once the alcohol started flowing like water. I must say I feel weird and bad for saying this but the highlight of the night was when Gabby spilt her red wine on Jenna's dress, umm yes that would be the bride. Good thing that Jenna is one of the nicest people you'll ever encounter so she said she didn't care but who knows. All in all this trip was great. I loved Walnut Creek and San Fran.

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