Monday, August 2, 2010

San Fran Part II

Of course walking all day around a town you're not familiar with and shopping we get thirsty right? Well I do and so since we were still in the Mission District we headed over to the Lexington which was a fucken rad dyke dive bar.

Typical dive bar that had 1 pool table in it, looked dirty, a fucken disgusting bathroom and cool things on the walls. It was a place I could for sure see myself going to more than once. We stayed there for a round of drinks and headed 2 blocks down over to the Beauty Bar

Now this place was a little more up our alley because there were more hipsters there for me and Justine to feel really at home. There was your typical pretentious bartender there who kept looking at himself in the mirror but other then that we had a dope ass time there. The DJ was playing fucken amazing music that made me want to dance the night away.

The boo and I

See I told you

Veronica being a motha fucken lady and shit

Some Gabby and Marissa action

We all left there feeling pretty good and we were now on our way over to the Infinite Shop on Hyde Street. We were going to meet up with our friend Dorian for The Fun Of It summer release party

It was fucken dope. The shop was tiny and packed but good tunes were being played and free beer was being passed out. Cool group of kids that were there and everyone was nice. Some of the brands Infinite carries are Acapulco Gold, Flying Coffin and Mishka This stop was probably the most fun we had all night because we were actually kicking it not being tourists. An hour after us getting there of course the cops came by and tried to break it up and they did a pretty good job of it. So we headed over to the Castle a block away and continued the party there and around 12:30 am took the bart back on over to Walnut Creek and passed the fuck out.

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