Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Post Fourth of July

Well I hope you all had a pants dropping good 4th of July because I really didn't have one since I worked all weekend but that is okay because it was my choice. I wanted to make some extra loot and fuck with drunk people that came in and out of my work, pouring them more beer and feeding them some bomb ass food till 3 am. I'll tell you this tho you we got some pretty fucken strange people from out of town with some fucked up stories that made me laugh. Saturday and Sunday was fucken bananas and by 1:30 am there were people passing out on the tables as they waited for their food, vegetarians so fucked up they ordered meat and grubbed that shit down like there was no tomorrow and other drunks screaming like bitches as they played on our vintage Ms. Pac Man. Let me tell you this tho Billies had their VIP's that stuck out all weekend long and it was this terrible duo that could possibly be a match made in heaven.

The terrible duo was in all weekend long getting drunk, getting cut off or getting kicked out. They both loved to talk to themselves, they both had bags of clothes that would tag along with them and they both smelled like shit. We didn't name the guy but to me he was like the 2010 version of Sloth from the Goonies and the lady we named Froggy because well she sounds like that kid named Froggy from Little Rascals. These two were a fucken pain in the ass but at the same time I enjoyed fucking with them.

Froggy and me had a nice little chat outside. As she tried to light a cigarette and keep her head up at the same time she slurred to me saying ''I fucken love mexicans and I hate white people'' I asked her why and she said ''because mexican men aren't fucken pussies and all white men do is use me'' weird right?

I told Froggy to pose and this was the best she could do. I told her to give me a smile and she said ''bitch I ain't got no teeth''

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