Monday, July 26, 2010

Art at the Kitty

Last night my friend Devyn Arrey Galindo had an art show at Wildcat in Santa Barbara. She displayed her photography in a very funky, fresh and creative way. A couple of blown up photographs in dope ass vintage frames, photographs on lamp shades, photographs made into magnets, a couple of 5x7's and postcards. The setup was just legit. Candles lit which made it have that dark intimate feel since artist like that shit haha. My girlfriend even bought I'd say the sickest piece there. Which was this big piece.

It fucken looks like a painting it's so clean and the frame makes it all come together. Another one of my favorite pieces there.

The Girl meets Boy from Mars lamp. It's different but in that good creative way. It was also priced very reasonably. Here's another wall that had some more art.

Everything was just done so creatively from the setup to the presentation. I'd say Devyn did a fucken legit job with everything and if any of you want to check out more of her work peep her website DEVYNARREY.COM annnnd also all the hair and makeup of the models in almost all the photographs were done by my girlfriend Justine Hosseini so take a peep at her website as well and see more of her work They are both very talented young ladies.

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