Monday, July 12, 2010

Post SB Pride

The pride madness has left Santa Barbara with no rainbow balloon in sight, which makes me happy. Pride this year was very fucken fun because for our community being as small and boring as it is, our pre parties, after parties and entertainment at Pride itself was the best yet. You had your baby dykes, old dykes, lipsticks, chapsticks and so on in full force. I don't mention gay boys because they're always fucken out, lesbians hibernate and shit like that. Anyhow the beer and Jameson flowed so smoothly throughout the festivities. I didn't really take pictures unless it was on my phone because I was drunk a good portion of the events I went to. We did have a special guest in the house and it was no other then

Lionel Ritchie

Our entertainment was pretty fucken raw and made all the gay boys dance and scream like little bitches including myself. Kimberly Cole was the main performer and I've never heard of her but she was good. She had that Lady Gaga feel and her backup dancers were dressed like that just came off her set. After all that was said and done the festival was over. I was headed back down towards the bars and my friend Brandon aka Baby B who had a brilliant idea which was to take all the balloons that were up and walk with them all the way to the bars, which we did.

Baby B handling business and a great supporter to the gay community since he loves ladies (sorry men) and this was his 1st pride

Halfway there and our good friends decided to pick us up and give us a lift so we wouldn't scare the rest of SB with all these rainbow balloons instead we made the car look super gay. I'll tell you this it was super hard holding onto the balloons while the car was going 25 MPH.

And just like that off goes our happy asses ready to conquer Whiskey Richards and Tonic. Pride in Santa Barbara you are slowly but surely getting better and making it easier for all the closet cases to come out and be gayer then ever.

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