Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Field Trip

Today I went down to The Hundreds headquarters with my big bro Nick and Low for an ''important fake meeting." Nick is 1 of the owners of CRSVR a sneaker boutique here in Santa Barbara and Low is his accomplice. The reasoning for this trip was so the guys could show them the Spring/Summer line for 2011 so orders can be placed, um very soon. It was like a fucken mini dream come true because I'm in love with The Hundreds. Ever since a friend told me about 1 of their art shows back in I think 03 or 04 I fell in love with their concept and what they stood for.

Anyhow for those of you that may know me you know that I normally talk a lot and move a lot where ever I go but the minute we stepped foot in the headquarters I got super quiet and was just looking around because I've only seen the place through pictures from the blog but I was now standing in it and never thought I'd be doing so, fucken amazing. We probably spent a good 2 hours in the meeting room where they showed us everything from tees to snapbacks, to the denim and so on. I just sat there like a good fucken kid for once. I liked being in that sort of environment. Super dope guys as well. I had NO say in anything but still managed to look like I was working and shit.

After all the talk that seemed sooooo important to me and loved hearing we then did a walk through their warehouse and got to choose from 2 long aisles of boxes that were filled with tees, denim, shorts, button ups, hoodies, beanies, snapbacks and so on. Um anything we wanted and I fucken went to town. Didn't want to grab too much but could of easily grabbed more then I did.

It was an awesome day. Super grateful I had the opportunity to experience such a thing, especially something I knew a lot about and loved.

To check out more on CRSVR check out their website www.crsvr.com
or The Hundreds www.thehundreds.com


  1. Doooope! Man, you lucky. I hope one day Ill get lucky enough to go and do some sht like that. Them cats at CRSVR are cool as hell. I dont know if you checked our interview we did with Nick. Its very educational and rad. LAMRKT.COM.

  2. Word it was fucken dope. I actually did check out that video when you guys did it. It was really good. Way legit.