Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Hundreds NYC

So tomorrow is the big day where The Hundreds open up their 3rd flagship store in New York. From the pictures I have seen, this store by far is on the classy boutique road, which to me is fucken dope because it's fucken NYC. Since the shop is located on 96 Grand street their limited edition hats are well obviously like the RSWSD and POST. Check it

and they got a couple of legit shirts as well that are ONLY in store

I'm lucky enough to get the chance to head out there in November as my girlfriend will be attending a hair academy there. Which means I will stock up on the goods out there on the East Coast. Until then all you east coast kids line up and check out this fucken dope store, they're waiting for you all to get a taste of this Cali based line.

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