Friday, September 3, 2010

Birth Day Recap

I've been lagging on posting on the daily but been doing things here and there and last weekend I was out of town for some burrfday celebrations. I celebrated 26 years on this earth and it was a good one. Saturday my best friend and girlfriend pampered the shit out of me by getting me a back facial and a mani/pedi. Now it's funny on the mani/pedi part because well if you know me I'm not that kind of girl, never had one before but for shits and giggles I did my toes pink. After all that shit was done we headed out to Hollywood to the spot Drais for some bottle service action. T'was a great night. Had my lady, some fam and all my good friends under one cabana with Jersey Shore being played on our flat screen.

Drais was a nice sight. Great eyecandy and assholes everywhere

Couldn't wear high tops on my burrfday had to keep shit classy

My purrrdaayyy lady

The cuzzo and my bestie keeping it real

We were on a mission all excited what can I say

Drais was fucken dope and brought some good times up until I got us kicked out for throwing a pitcher of water at some old guy that probably had money because he was talking shit. It was all good because it was after 2 am so alcohol was not being served and all of our bottles were dusted. I'll tell you this it felt fucken good and I was trying to keep shit real with him. I guess he got offended when I told him we were all lesbians and he said ''So am I'' and I replied with ''Oh yeah I can see your camel toe through your pants'' guys are so dramatic at times. Hah word.

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