Friday, September 3, 2010

The Real Day

Drais was for shits and giggles because it wasn't my real birthday but why not celebrate? Anyhow on my real birthday last Monday we went to Disneyland. It was actually a lot of fun. Never been on my birthday and it's way fucken better going with no little kids because you don't have to hear them say ''I'm hungry'' I'm this, I'm that. Nothing. It wasn't super packed either the longest we waited in line was like 30 minutes. We got in the park at like 2, left for dinner for like an hour and a half and went back and left at like 10:30 and still managed to get on like 15 rides, you're jealous huh?

Oh look even Tyler the secenster enjoyed Disneyland

The spicy latinas kept it funny because Gabby was almost buzzed the whole time and when she started walking slower then I knew she was coming down and had to re-up her

Team Underground Salon

I wore bright laces on purpose just incase I got lost since I like to wonder around a lot when excited.

Once the sun started to go down we decided to kick rocks at Disneyland and hit up downtown Disney and go for drinks and dinner at House of Blues. It was a cool spot and we got stuck with a bartender where it was his first day. Which meant it took like and hour for a shot, awesome!

This is where it was at kids. I tell no lies

My fucken hynitas that I love to pieces and all that mushy shit

Yup the Jameson started kicking in right about now because I remember. My tummy was warm and I think my right eye started getting that lazy cocked eyed look. Woot!

Ended the night with a legit firework show, no no me and Justine weren't making out the whole time just maybe half the time. Disneyland was pants dropping fun. Good times. Keep in mind tho just because I like Disneyland doesn't mean I'm going to like it on facebook.

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