Tuesday, May 4, 2010


April 21st was a day to remember at my house. Our big ass pine tree that my grandpa planted 38 years ago went timmmmber! Shit was hella loud. The good thing is, is that in the process of the tree falling nothing was damaged just our fence which is replaceable. If it would have gone the other direction it would have fallen on our house. This tree had some history behind it. It was ugly and big as fuck and everyone hated it but my grandpa. The tree was his bread and butter, it's what made the front yard I guess you could say. Everyone in the family has been trying to convince him for years to cut it down but he wasn't having it. The funny/weird thing about it falling tho was that my grandpa was the only 1 outside when it fell and he was literally standing next the it and saw it happen. He planted it and literally saw it rise and fall. Here are some pics taken.

Took over the whole street so cars were not able to use this street for about 2 hours

Gnarly ass roots kids

A sad day on Linda and Murrell Street for some

The man that planted the beastly tree

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