Monday, May 31, 2010

A Purchase

So I've been treating myself with goodies such as snapbacks, kicks and just today I purchased myself a Johnny Cupcakes shirt just in time for the Dodger/Angel game next Saturday

pinche Los Doyers! I love this shirt because it doesn't say Dodgers on it but still screams Dodgers. I don't really like wearing my teams tees because I feel like a piece of shit, I'll only rock Raider jerseys. Hats are ok but out of the 15 hats I own 2 are sporting teams. I'm fucken weird like that I know.


  1. thats the man right there... did u go into store and see the bake sale???

  2. yes yes yes he's the fucken man! I have not gone into his store due to not being employed but it's on and cracking now