Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Hundreds 2010 Summer Collection

Alright so I've been behind on posting shit because my fucken charger to my MAC somehow broke and yeah shit sucks but whatever I'll get one when I feel like dropping $80 on something that will break again.

Well those of you that follow The Hundreds you know that their Summer line dropped last Thursday at THLA and THSF and Monday the collection dropped online. Of course I'm going to say I like what I see because like you know I'm a Hundreds whore but seriously there's some dope shit. Not a big fan of the New Era's but the snapbacks are delicious. Here's what I'm feeling and I got a job NOW so I'll be rocking soon.

Baller Tank

Teeth Tee

Crow Tee

Team 2 Snapback

Sideline Socks

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