Monday, March 28, 2011

Good Vibes Music Fest

This past Saturday was the 2nd annual Good Vibes music festival in Santa Barbara. Shit was dope. They had a live art walk along with vendors on their hustle selling their goods, let me add that some of the gear was legit. I cruised it with my homie Lord Defa who I assist. This guy is a legit artist, not an art tease. He was showing his art their and did a live piece as well. We met up with the Vulgar Villains crew, some more dope artists and their gear game is taking off. Check out their website

The day was fucken radass. Met some cool ass cats, saw dope ass art and heard some good tunes. Pics and shit. Check it.

We made dreams come true

Some of Lord Defa's art, radass right?

Get in the snapback game

Vulgar Villains

The necessities

The new homie Masen from Ya Ya crew getting down on his live art piece.


Finished product

Trying to look important and shit

Lord Defa getting down

Say word

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