Thursday, October 21, 2010

Almost Time

With basketball season coming on up there's only one team I care about and that's the Los Angeles Lakers. I'm not your typical band wagon fan who likes the Lakers because they've been great and won 3 peats in the past. I've actually been a fan since 1989. I've gotten to see many great players come from the Lakers such as Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Kareen Abdul-Jabbar, Vlade Divac, Nick Van Exel and so on. Trust me the Lakers weren't always on top but you gotta keep on representing and with that being said I'm loving what Undefeated is releasing this Friday

It's pretty self explanatory. Fuck the Heat. Yeah they're stacked with great players but so what who cares, I sure as hell don't. There's some great competition this season and I will love every minute of it because I'm all about watching great competitive games. To check more our from Undefeated check out their site

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