Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sleigh Bells at Soho

This past Monday myself, Justine and a couple of other friends met up for some drinks at Hungry Cat, which are thee best drinks in Santa Barbara. Chatted it up there for an hour or so then like the classy kids we are stopped by The Sportsman for a shot or two, the shots were mainly on my part. Hi Jameson. After that, it was all Soho for the Sleigh Bells. A great turnout, good amount of bros and hipsters I've never seen in town before but that's typical for Santa Barbara when GREAT music comes our way. We got prime spots by the door and were in the front off to the right side of the stage. Word

The overall performance was great but I'd say one thing she needed to improve on was to give the whole stage love not just one fucken section. If it wasn't for my loud ass screaming at her to come to our side she would of never (got some good shots with my phone) typical of her to just stay in the middle of the stage, it must of been her g spot or something, who knows. Gay boys were getting boners in their choners no joke shit was getting real raw at this show. Here are some shots I got with my crackberry

This was the shot I got when I said ''yo bitch come here''

Raw and dirty shit.

A girl and her mic

Motha fucken Sleigh Bells

See all the boners

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