Sunday, September 16, 2012

Guerilla Jam

Last Saturday at the the shop we had our skate jam/going away party for Aaron who is leaving us to live in Thailand. Yes it's that real. The turnout was hella sick annnnd we had a hot wing eating contest. Killer Bee's came through and hooked us up with free wings. Homies were coming and going throughout the day and we handed free shit out to kids. How dope right? The shop is gonna miss Aaron aka Harvey Leche so much but he has prostitutes in Thailand to handle.

Benji getting that air up there.

A reason why Jon won

So hyped

A pizza and sundae bar on a Saturday. All excited.

Prepping for wing eating contest

Lil gremlins ready to go

Jared getting 50 cent pumped up

9 wings in 2 minutes and a case of mudbutt

Harvey Leche

Church familia

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