Friday, October 7, 2011

The Music Box

Last night me and two of my homegirls Vanae and Thao

went down to the Music Box in LA to go and see The Rapture with Poolside opening up for them. Shit was hella rad. It's always refreshing to see other kids with similar styles as yourself and just to see actual hot stylish lesbians made me realize what Santa Barbara is lacking. Enough of that shit tho. Music Box is a rad venue, not too big not too small. The alcohol is over priced which is why we just had a drink.

I wanna tell all of you this. If you like the The Rapture you NEED to see them live. Fucken shit man. You know when you listen to a band live and they sound pretty similar to what you'd be listening to on their cd? Well the The Rapture is on that level. The crowds energy was insane. Muh fucken dance party for days. Ahh I fucken love music.

House of Jealous Lovers is my FAVORITE fucken song. Shit got hella grimey when they played this.

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