Saturday, February 26, 2011

What I Come Across

So last night I went out with some home girls for some beers, conversations and laughs at Mels. Shit was dope. We watched the Lakers wax on the Clippers and had cheap entertainment all around. Now one lady really stood out and was considered the MVP for the night. Meet Lana

This bitch was fucken nuts. Her first words to me were ''Bitch shut the fuck up, you a trick and a treat'' all because she overheard me talking about the Raiders. From there on we were stuck with her. She was funny tho not going to lie. Like literally all I was doing was talking shit to her, love at first sight perhaps? Nah fuck that puta. There was a couple of times I thought she was going to knock my shit out but she didn't so I was cool. Got some footage of Lana, look at her go!

Lana also had a cousin she was with who was falling asleep at the bar because I think she had too much to drink. We called her over and she finally made it up and started talking shit too. I named her Day Day

She was leaning side to side, all saucy and shit. It kinda scared me. We finally got Lana and her cousin Day Day to leave in a cab and be on their merry way.

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