Friday, November 12, 2010


Yes we all know about the whole Lebron ordeal with his ''big decision'' and what not. How he screwed over his home town and what not. I personally only cared because it was everywhere and after a while you just get sick of it ya know. I'll say this tho the video made my the fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers was fucken brilliantly true. Lebron has to of felt like a piece of shit for at least 5 minutes then got over it. Here's the commercial incase you for some reason have not seen it

Also a friend of mine is selling the shirts of the logo ''Quitness'' found in the commercial at his shop in Santa Barbara called InSoul. A dope sneaker boutique.

I got one because I'm that typical immature person that thinks shit like this is funny. Check out the online shop and order it up

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