Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pop That Squat

I am a female. I am a female who has taken many squats to go pee pee.

Whether it be when I'm drunk and can't hold it, on my way to a show, at a party and the bathroom line is too long, at a Raider game because I'm thug like that or any other situation there is where I can't hold it. All you ladies that will read this you know what's up when I say that shit because you all have done it as well and if you say you haven't you're fucken lying.

I've had dumb ass friends get caught for that shit in I.V and have been taken to jail, luckily enough I have not been caught and I continue to knock on wood because I think I'll be popping squats for life! I have a great technique.

That picture right up above is all me but I'd have pants on and high tops and obvi since I'd be wearing pants I wouldn't be able to open my pants like that those motha fuckers would be all the way down, PANTS ON THE GROUND. My gun wouldn't be real either because I'm really a fucken pussy. It would be a water gun so I can pretend to be a thug.

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