Friday, January 22, 2010

Old Memory

So as I sit at my house trapped inside from all the rain we've been having I couldn't help but start you tubing a bunch of videos, whether they be comical, music or random weird shit and of course getting caught up in the music category because it's what I love. All excited I start looking through a bunch of groups; Digitalism, Moving Units, Yelle, Ratatat and so on. I guess you could say I was getting my daily electro fix. I get to The Presets and bam I take a walk down memory lane. You want to know why? Well last April me and Justine saw them live at The Glasshouse in Pomona and it was literally one of the best shows I've been to in a while. Way better live I'll tell you that. We went ape shit for a good couple of hours. I highly recommend them. This one song stood the fuck out to me. Always and forever baby. Enjoy

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