Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Poolside Poser

So I came across the Warriors of Radness Spring 2010 collection and I really didn't care for what I saw. It has that vintage surf fashion feel to it which can be cool I guess if you live in like Malibu or phucken Laguna Beach with LC, Steven and Jason Ex coke head Wahler. The outfits would def need to be spiced up with some legit kicks and the hundreds new era fitted caps. The brand offers bold neon color shirts, slogan shirts, windrunners, color denim, washed out denim (my favorite piece of it all). Seriously tho the photo shoot for their lookbook sucked tremendously big balls even bigger then Cisco Adler's. All they did was have a semi cool wait I take that back he was a tool looking blonde male laying on a lawn chair in almost the same pose, all he did was change the position of his legs, what a tool right? Wouldn't you think they'd change up the scenery at least, shit looks hella low budgeted, and the faces this kids making are awkward as fuck.

Did I not say his face was awkward
Really? He couldn't act a little bit harder then that
That position is a little gay not going to lie
I'll go easy on this one since the shorts are pretty cool

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