Monday, April 8, 2013

El Lay

Dude. Bro. Whoa. Last Friday me and my girl spent the day down in LA and had a delightful time. Spent some time in the fashion district, Santee Alley. It's always interesting as fuck down there.  After that we cruised over to Veggie Grill for some foooood, that place is my jam. Hands down some of the best vegan food I've come across. We ate like queens. LADY BONER fa show. 

Once we were done peerving out on the food we headed over to Griffith Observatory. It's really pretty up there and not to mention it's cool as fuck that it's free to get in. We got to see Jupiter through the 80 year old telescope, how rad right? The night view from up there is amazing. If you've never been I suggest that you get yo ass up there! 

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